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Iddah is the waiting period which must be observed after termination of marriage whether permanent or temporary , or death of the husband. During Iddah she will not be allowed to even talk about marriage or receive proposals from other men.

Iddah is two types:

1. Iddah of Talaq or after termination of temporary marriage provides confirmation that the woman does not have in her body from her husband, not only pregnancy but any remaining from sexual intercourse. This Iddah is three menstrual periods after Talaq, and two periods after temporary marriage. If the wife is pregnant, her Iddah will continue till the end of the pregnancy. There is no Iddah if the marriage was never consummated ( No sexual intercourse at all) or if the wife is old enough that she has no menses.

2. Iddah of Wafat, which is obligatory after death of the husband in any type of marriage and it goes on till four months and ten day after wife is informed about her husband’s death. If the death news reached the wife late, her Iddah time starts from that time not from the real date of death. Iddah of Wafat shows the respect which every wife should show to her husband, that respect which makes her more respected in the society. In some ignorant societies, they look to the woman who lost her husband as vulnerably low standard person. Allah ( SWT) wants her to be always respected