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as salam alaikum

the order present in the universe is an empirical fact that no sound mind can dispute. The earth, the sky, the clouds, the rain, the sun, the moon, etc., and all the living beings on the planet, all interact with each others and works according to specific sets of rules and criterions. This indicates, at least indirectly, the presence of a Creator who created and sustains the world.

Also, if the world was just the product of accidents we may ask ourselves: who/what created those accidents?  Who/what put them into motion? A thing cannot be created by itself because it would imply its existence before its existence which is an impossibility. We cannot also suppose that physical matter always existed with no cause because corporeality depends on temporary qualities such place, color, movement, stasis, etc. that need to be caused by some external agent (otherwise they would be already attached to their subjects). We conclude therefore that there is one Creator for the whole universe upon Whom the whole creation depends.

With prayers for your success.

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