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The incident of Rohbah الرحبة is very important to confirm the master ship of Ameerul Mo'mineen Ali (AS) by order from Allah (SWT) which was conveyed by the Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) on the Day of Ghadeer in the presence of thousands of Muslims. Imam Ali (AS)'s rights were taken away by Saqeefah persons and he was ordered by the Prophet (SAWA) not to fight them to avoid civil war among Muslims. Some claimed that if Ali was really the master of all Muslims after the Prophet, then did he kept peaceful and did not fight for his right. Rohbah incident replied this question when Imam Ali (AS) asked many well known companions who witnessed the announcement of Ghadeer to give their witness about what they did see and hear from the Prophet in this matter.

Rohbah incident destroyed the claims of the enemies of Ali (AS).

Rohbah incident is narrated in many important Sunni books like al-Silsilah al-Saheehah by the well known Wahabi Shaikh, al-Albani, V. 4, P.338, and Musnad Ahmad bin Hanbal 23609, and al-Mo'jam al-Kaberi by al-Tabaraani 4053 and Zawaa'id al-Musnad 950