Zoheir Ali Esmail, Shaykh Zoheir Ali Esmail has a Bsc in Accounting and Finance from the LSE in London, and an MA in Islamic Studies from Middlesex University. He studied Arabic at Damascus University and holds a PhD... Answered 1 year ago


Thank you for your question. As a general rule of thumb, patience is an attitude that can be adopted after wise action. When you have acted wisely you need to have patience in order to see that action through. If you are still ironing out flaws and mistakes in your approach or strategy that has to be taken into account before switching to something else. But if you have tried and found that either you can't get the hang of that thing, or that you were mistaken in your approach or strategy, then it makes sense to explore your options. The believer relies on God for a good outcome after they have acted as wisely as they can and maintain patience for that outcome until it seems like something needs to be done differently. 

May you always be successful 

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