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Shia Hadeeth books are in thousands, written along 1400 years. There is no comprehensive full list of Shia Hadeeth books, as there is comprehensive list of all Sunni books of Hadeeths. Nevertheless, there are well known books which contain names of Shia books on different fields of knowledge, including Quran, Hadeeth, Tafseer, Faith, history etc. One of the most famous encyclopedia in this subject is Al-Tharee'ah Ela Tassaneef Al-Shia by Agha Bozorg al-Tehrani who compiled this list of Shia books in more than 25 volumes mentioning 53510 Shia books. The author spent fifty years in compiling this encyclopedia.

We have many old books written in this subject like Fihrist Abi-Jafar Al-Toosi and Fihrist Abil-Abbas Al-Najashi and other old books.

The main books of Hadeeth which are available are:

1. Al-Kaafi by Al-Kulaini compiling 16099 Hadeeths.

2. Manla Yahdharohul Faqeeh by Al-Shaikh Al-Sadooq compiling 9044 Hadeeths.

3. Al-Tahtheeb by Al-Shaikh Al- Toosi compiling 13095 Hadeeths.

4. Al-Estibsaar by Al-Shaikh Al-Toosi  compiling 6531 Hadeeths.

5. Al-Waafi by Al-Fayadh Al-Kashani compiling 25703 Hadeeths.

6. Bihaarul Anwar by Al-Majlisi  in 110 Volumes.

7. Wasaa'el Al-Shia by Al-Horr Al-Aamili compiling 35868 Hadeeths.

8. Mustadrak Al-Wasaa'el by Al-Noori compiling 23158.

9. Al-Khisal by Al-Shaikh Al-Sadooq.

10. Oyoon Akhbar Al-Ridha by Al-Shaikh Al-Sadooq.

11. Amaali Al-Sadooq.

12. Amaali Al-Mufeed.

13. Jaami' Ahaadeeth Al-Shia in 31 volumes.

14. Basaa'r Al-Darajaat.

15. Qurb Al-Isnaad.

16. Al-Mahaasin by Al-Borqi.

17. Elal Al-Sharaae'.

18. Ma'aani Al-Akbaar.

19. Kaamil Al-Ziyaaraat.

20. Thawab Al-A'maal.

21. Amaali Al-Murtadha.

22. Irshad Al-Qoloob.

23. Tawheed Al-Sadooq.

24. Tohaf Al-Oqool by Ibn Sho'bah.

25. Al-Ehtijaaj by Al-Tabrasi.

26. Tafseer Furat Al-Koofi.

27. Tafseer Al-Qummi.

28. Kifayah ul Athar.

29. Tafseer Al-'Ayyashi.

30. Ma'aani Al-Akhbaar.

and many other books of Hadeeths.