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Imam al-Mahdi (ATFS) is the 12th and last divine leader of the 12
divine Imams (AS) about whom the Holy Prophet (SAWA) informed that: My
successors will be the 12 Imams (AS) and all of them will be from
Quraish. In another Hadeeth, the Holy Prophet (SAWA) mentions that the
1st of them will be Ali (AS) and the last of them will be Imam
al-Mahdi (ATFS)

Imam al-Mahdi (ATFS) has been mentioned in hundreds of authentic
Hadeeths from the Holy Prophet (SAWA) narrated in both the Shia as well
as Sunni books. All Muslims believe that the authentic Hadeeths are
informing about the very important fact related to the future of the
world.  Imam al-Mahdi (ATFS) is the promised saviour who will
establish the world wide state of justice and peace.

Imam al-Mahdi (ATFS) was born in Samarra in Iraq on 15th Sha’ban in
the year 255 Hijri under the tremendously dangerous political pressure
from the tyrannical Abbasid ruler who were expecting his birth and trying to
kill him. That is why he had to have 2 occultation – the minor one
which lasted about 70 years during which he used to communicate with
the Ummah via appointed persons called Safeers. He had Safeers one
after the other who were based in Baghdad. The 1st of them was known
as Usman bin Saeed, the 2nd was his son Mohammad bin Usman, the 3rd
was Husain bin Ruh and the 4th was Ali bin Mohammad al-Samari or

Before the death of the 4th Safeer, Imam al-Mahdi (ATFS) informed him
to inform the Ummah that there will be no nominated Safeer after him
as the major occultation will start during which the general deputy of
the Imam will be most pious scholars who gained from the knowledge of
the Ahlul Bayt (AS) and practiced it.

Imam is alive by the miracle of Allah (SWT) though his age now is 1185
years but it is the order of Allah (SWT) and we have in the history
that the lifespan of Prophet Nuh (AS) was 2500 years and also we
Muslims believe that al’Khidhr (AS) who was alive during
the time of Prophet Musa (AS) is still alive which means over 4000

Imam al-Mahdi (ATFS) during his major occultation meets and
guides people without letting them know and in rare cases for the very
pious, they know that its him but as the tyrant people are after his
life Allah (SWT) kept him away from their danger and his movements and
meetings are completely secret.

He will return back to the public life when Allah (SWT) permits him to
establish the worldwide state or peace and justice. He will declare
his reappearance from the Ka'aba in Makkah. His pious assistants will
be 313 from many parts of the worlds from male and female very pious
believers. He will also be supported by ten thousand pious believers
who will help him in managing the administration of the world. 
No place in the world will remain away from the pan-state of justice
and peace.

The time of his reappearance in public life is not known to us but we
believe it won’t be very far away from now as Allah (SWT) says in the Holy
Qur’an in Surah 70, Ayat 6 and 7(They see it too far and we see it not far)( انهم يرونه بعيدا ونراه قريبا)

Prophet Jesus (AS) is one of the five most important prophets who are
called Ulul-Azm. He is alive in the sky after Allah (SWT) saved him
from the criminal attempt of his enemies who wanted to crucify and
kill him.

Prophet Jesus (AS) will be permitted by Allah (SWT) to come down to
the earth after the reappearance of the Imam al-Mahdi (ATFS) in public
life to support him. This is the main reason that Imam al-Mahdi (ATFS)
will not have any opposition from the Christian world.