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1. Jabir ibn Abdullah al-Ansari narrated: A number of our companions discussed the Paradise in front of the Prophet (SAWA) who said:  The first who will enter the Paradise will be Ali Ibn Abi Talib. (Biharul Anwar; V.8, P. 5).

2. In Sunni books we find a Hadeeth in Musnad Ahmad Ibn Hanbal from the Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) telling Ali (AS) : First four who will enter the Paradise are : myself and you and Al-Hasan and Al-Husain. Hadeeth number 1032 in Fadha'il al-Sahabah, Musnad Ahmad Ibn Hanbal.

3. Sunni well known scholar Al-Haithami narrated in Majma' al-Zawaa'id ; V. 9, P. 131, same Hadeeth.

4. Al-Tabarani has also narrated same Hadeeth in Al-Majma' al-Kabber  in two places; Numbers 943 and 2558.

5. First who will enter Hell fire are mentioned in Hadeeth from The Prophet (SAWA) as: A ruler who controlled people with out justice, and a wealthy person who did not give the right of the wealth, and a poor person who was proud and arrogant. 'O yon Akhtar Al-Redha , V.2, P. 8.