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Allah (SWT) Created the Ka'ba in Macca and made it the first Home of worship  for all mankind. (Verily, the first home made for mankind is that which is in Makkah, full of blessings anf guidance to all the worlds) Sura 3, verse 96.

Ka'bah is the central point on this earth confirmed by many modern scientists. Quran says that the whole world is surrounding Macca (Sura Al-An'aam, verse 92 and Sura Sura 42, verse 7).

Greatest prophets were sent in the Middle East because it was the most populated area at their times. Most Islamic events were in Middle East because of the Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) and his Holy Progeny lived in that part of the world near the Ka'bah.

Nevertheless, prophets were sent to all human beings where ever they lived as we read in Quran: Verily, We have sent you with the truth, bearing glad tidings and a Warner, and there never was a nation but a Warner has been sent to them. (Sura 36, verse 24).

One hundred and twenty four thousand prophets were sent all over the world to guide human beings living in every part of the world. That is from the Justice and Mercy of Allah on all mankind.