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Asalamu Alaykom, 

One isn’t punished for merely having an attraction to the same gender. We won’t go into the reasons as to why this happens as this is a whole different discussion, however there exists ‘unnatural attractions’ amongst many people.

The point is that just because a person has a certain feeling or attraction, it doesn’t mean that they should automatically act on this. 

Someone could have an attraction to the opposite gender, yet it doesn’t mean that they may act on this by committing fornication and haram actions. We even find people who are attracted to animals or small babies and they may not have control of this attraction. The duty for those who have such unnatural attractions, is for them to not act on them. 

Unfortunately due to the atheist, subjective morality which is appearing these days, some are now even justifying immoral practices such as incest! 

We shouldn’t assume that just because society starts to widely accept a practice, that it is normal and permissible. We should always remember that our worldview is extracted from the Quran and sunnah.   

If a man is attracted to other men but refuses to act on this and commit forbidden actions, then he will be rewarded inshallah. If we use the logic that him having such an attraction is ‘natural and uncontrollable’ then the same argument could be put forth for those who have incest related attractions. 

There are converts to Islam who had such an attraction but didn’t act on this. 

May Allah grant you success

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