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According to many narrations, certain animals (either mentioned in Quran or authentic Hadeeths) will enter the Paradise like:

1.The she-camel of prophet Salih (AS) which was killed by the disbelievers, mentioned in Quran Sura 91, Verse 13.

2. The calf of Ibraheem (AS). (Sura 51, Verse 26.)

3. The ram of Esmaeel (AS). (Sura 37, verse 107).

4. The cow of Musa (AS. (Sura 2, Verse 67).

5. The whale of Younus  (AS). (Sura 37, verse 142).

6. The donkey of al-Ozair (AS). (2:259).

7. The ant of Sulaiman (AS). (Sura 27, verse 18).

8. The hoopoe of Bilqees. ( Sura 27, verse 20).

9. The dog of the people of the Cave. (Sura 18, verse 18.

10. The She-camel of the Prophet Muhammad (AS).