The Holy Qur’an is not the product of the Holy Prophet’s speculation and thinking. Rather every word of the book is the word of God, which was communicated to the Prophet through the process of revelation. Communicated to the Holy Prophet not as mere inspiration but as recitation and clear guidance in plain Arabic Language. Descended upon the heart of ‘heart’ of the Prophet not metaphorically but literally - namely in the form of language known by the people who subsequently transcribed it under the guidance of the Prophet himself.           
Being the revealed word of Allah, Qur’an imparts knowledge which is immune from all possibilities of doubt and every form of discrepancy. It is the substantiation of Truth and guidance that leads humanity from darkness towards the light. It is an embodiment of mercy and glad tidings from God to those who follow it faithfully, and a  criterion which distinguishes clearly the right from the wrong. It emphasises that all unbiased persons dedicated to knowledge are bound to uphold its truth at the time of its revelation and to attest it in later age as the horizons of human knowledge expand further and further.
However, biased persons tried to doubt the authenticity of the Qur’an being the word of God and attested it to various misgivings. But they failed to prove their false claims, and the Qur’an stood high in all ages as the bearer of Divine Light unaffected by the whims of the mischief-mongers. A truth-seeker always bowed down  his head in front of the afore-mentioned evidences which unequivocally prove the authenticity of the Qur’an as the word of God, the Almighty.