Lack of Contradictions in the Qur’an

The Noble Qur’an contains profound and exact statements on a wide variety of subjects. It establishes and legislates principles and regulations for the practical and ethical duties of the human being and for the ordering and administration of society. It gives accurate account of future predictions, anecdotes of past communities and Prophets, as well as Scientific truths unknown at the time of revelation. However, slightest variation or contradiction whatsoever is not to be seen in this great mass of material.
Every scientist and researcher is liable to change from time to time, his attitude to scientific topics under investigation and the opinions he bases on them. Relying on the knowledge and conclusions he has accumulated, he may express a certain opinion on a given topic at one time and later repudiate that opinion in the light of continuing and more extensive research and the solution of certain problems. However, as regards to Qur’an, although it was revealed over a period of twenty three years, it is completely uniform and lacking in contradiction. The uniformity, unity and the consistency of the ideas in the Qur’an signify its coming from the Unique One, Allah (swt). The Qur’an says:

“Do they not reflect on the Qur’an? If this book were from other than GOD, they would certainly find much variation and contradiction in it”. (4:82)
Since everything in the world is in a state of growth and self-perfection, then the Qur'an would of necessity lack harmony since it was revealed over a period of twenty-three years; it would lack harmony that is if we were to suppose that it was the work of a man rather than of a prophet. Thus, lack of contradiction in the Qur’an proves a Divine hand in the its authorship.