Our Focus

Let us begin from where the people left off and let us focus our research and analysis in putting an end to this controversy. The matter is clear and the avenues for our research are limited. We do not have to search for those purified individuals (who have been referred to by the purification verse) among all the Muslims, or even a group of them.

The religious scholars of the Muslim Ummah have made it easier for us by narrowing down the possibilities of individuals who might be the ones referred to by the purification verse. Also, the purification verse itself has limited the possibilities by using the term “Ahlul-Bayt”. Therefore, we can focus our research on the following possibilities without a fourth, as the prospects for being the ones referred to in the purification verse:

1) The purified individuals referred to are the wives of Rasulullah (SA) alone.

2) The purified individuals indicated by the purification verse are Ali, Fatima, Hasan, and Husain (Peace be upon them) alone.

3) The purified individuals are the wives of Rasulullah (SA) in addition to Ali, Fatima, Hasan, and Husain (Peace be upon them).

Only one of these three possibilities can be correct in identifying those purified souls who have been purified by Allah (SWT), while the other two possibilities are wrong and invalid. This makes sense and is logical, since it is not possible for all three possibilities to be correct; neither can two of them be acceptable.

So the matter is easier for us now. All that is required for us to do is to search and reach a conclusion as to which of these possibilities is correct. We will then be guided by Allah’s grace to our desired mission to identify thse purified individuals whom we seek their guardianship and guidance to the right path. So, let us open our ears and minds to research and analyze until we reach a logical, convincing, and satisfying answer in this controversy.

Let us reach a solution that is conclusive and decisive such that the sincere hearts and minds rest afterwards and would be convinced of the truth after recognizing it clearly and vividly, without having any confusion or doubts. Let us start our journey in finding out which of the three above-mentioned possibilities is correct, while depending first and foremost on Allah (SWT), secondly on the Qur’an, and thirdly on our minds, our logical reasoning, and our intelligence.