The Purified Progeny of the Holy Prophet (SA)

After eliminating the 1st and 3rd possibilities, what is left is the 2nd possibility and that is that the purified individuals referred to by the purification verse are specifically Ali ibn Abi Talib (AS), Fatima bint Muhammad (AS), Al-Hasan (AS), and Al-Husain (AS). Therefore, this is the only valid possibility left that can be accepted and believed by the mind and logic. In that case, there is no escape for us except to believe and surrender to this theory, especially if you added to it the well-known and authentic tradition of Al-Kisaa (the Cloak) and many other traditions that were narrated by the Holy Prophet (SA).

Those numerous and reliable hadeeths all indicate without any question or doubt that the purified individuals referred to and addressed by the purification verse, and by the term “Ahlul-Bayt” are none other than Ali, Fatima, Hasan, and Husain (Peace be upon all of them. It is expected and anticipated that Rasulullah (SA) would reveal, announce, and make that important matter clear to us.

It is only logical for him to identify and specify those purified individuals so that we can follow them, support them, abide by their instructions, and take them as an example for our way of life. This is exactly what Rasulullah (SA) did, and he did not specify any other individuals for this important role.

Therefore, what controversy or confusion is left after that? Except for those who are foolish, or those who returned back on their heels, or those who are stubborn and ungrateful to Allah’s blessings; their fate is very unfortunate and they are not believers, nor are they considered to be Muslims.

In addition, it is to be known and kept in mind that during their lives (before and after the demise of Rasulullah up to the time of their deaths), Ali, Fatima, Hasan, and Husain (AS) were all great examples of purity, chastity, belief (iman), knowledge, certainty, faithfulness, loyalty, and counsel to Islam and the Muslims.

No fault, mistake, error, sin, indecency, or disobedience to Allah (SWT) and His Messenger (SA) was ever known of them in any way or form. Their enemies and haters testify and bear witness to this even before their friends and followers. Not only that, but the history of Islam itself bear witness to all of that. No improper or inappropriate behavior was ever exhibited from them which would remove them from their status of purity that Allah (SA) specified them with.

Therefore, this is yet another proof that Allah’s desire and will was indeed carried out, completed, and accomplished. This makes sense because what Allah (SWT) desires will be done as it was done for them. They became purified and cleansed, as indicated in the verse and by the will of Allah (SWT).

Their purification is a reality, practicality, and actuality in this life in front of all eyes, all Muslims, and all of history. This proves that the aim and goal of the purification verse was successfully accomplished and fulfilled with those five purified souls. Therefore, this is the biggest proof that the verse was revealed in reference to them (Peace be upon them).

Throughout the whole Qur’an, we don’t find one verse that corrected these five purified individuals, threatened, warned or reprimanded them about anything. Rather, we find the exact opposite! We find many verses praising them and giving glad tidings to them about their high position and great status. We find verses that order us to support them, obey them, and take them as our guardians, without doing so with others.

Doesn’t this fit perfectly with the status of purity? Doesn’t this indicate that they are indeed pure such that they attained all that praise, recognition, high rank, and uniqueness from Allah (SWT) which no one else attained (other than the prophets and messengers)? So, who would be the purified ones who were intended by this verse, if those five were not them?

Oh men of understanding and the Muslim Ummah, is there any doubt or question left in your mind that Ali, Fatima, Hasan, and Husain (AS) are the members of the household referred to in the purification verse, and that they are truly the ones whom Allah (SWT) purified and kept away sins from? Truthful is Allah the Great; truthful is His promise; He fulfilled His will and completed His desire, and praise be to Him, the Lord of the Worlds!