Chapter 3: The Years of Dispelling

Death Predicts None

Sayyid Husayn sat on the edge of his bed, and began to regard his father's face attentively. Sayyid 'Ali, who opened bis eyes, mumbled softly:

• Husayn!

• Yes father.

• Your mother has told me that you are preparing your luggage!

• Yes, that's right father.

• You have spent nine years in Isfahan, and other eight years in Najaf. Isn't that enough to stay here and be near to your old father? I may leave this world without seeing you again. Death predicts none of us about his coming, nor he knocks the door to get permission.

• What are you talking about father?

• Then, what's the meaning of your return to Najaf, after all that glorious reception held by

the people of Boroojerd? They need a learned who can guide and lead them.

• That's right, father, but our city has a lot of 'Alims. There is sheikh Husayn Najafi and Hajj Mirza Muhammad Hassan Tabataba’i, who are more learned than me.

• Even so, don't you have to think about your father? I want you to be near to me in my last

few days which remained from my life. Let me close my eyes while am calm, quiet, and undisturbed about your mother and your young brother.

Those passionate words did influence the ambitious Sayyid Husayn, and could change his mind, at least for the time being, from going to Najaf.

The Departure Of The Parents

Cold wind blew through narrow alleys of Boroojerd, embracing each house there. Sayyid Husayn and Sayyid Isma’il sat on the Kursi1 and on the other side was Nooh ul-Din with his brown beard, sinking in bis thoughts. Remembering Sadr school in this silent cold night He lifted his bead and said:

• O Sayyid Isma’il! Isn't there any lantern? Studying in such darkness is so much harming the eyes.

Sayyid Isma’il then stood up and lightened a lantern. Putting it on the Kursi, Sayyid Isma’il said:

• I will prepare some tea. It gives warmth and enjoyment.

• “It is the best idea I have ever heard”, Nooh ul-Din commented, “Indeed the best one you have said since this morning”.

When Sayyid Isma’il left the room, Nooh ul-Din come nearer to his cousin and whispered:

• Now, what are you going to do?

With low depressed voice, Sayyid Husayn answered:

·I have received a letter from my master (Al-Aakhond Al-Khorasani) after my father's death, in which he offers his condolences to me and expressing his desire to sec me. When I prepared myself to travel, the news reached me saying that he has died. May Allah have mercy upon him, as he was exactly like my father, Now, within six months I have lost two fathers. Losing them is a real death-blow.

• May Allah have mercy upon both of them.

• After the demise of Al-Khorosani, I feel as if I have no appetite or desire to go to Najaf. Everything in that city will certainly remind me of him. Moreover, I think that my staying in Boroojerd became more essential.

The mien of Nooh ul-Din looked so glad, when Sayyid Isma’il entered holding the tray of tea. Nooh ul-Din screamed:

• Bravo, bravo Sayyid Isma’il. You arc exactly like your father (may Allah have mercy upon him.) who always honoured the guests.

He then turned to Sayyid Husayn and commented:

• Yes, Sayyid Husayn, you are right. Stay in Boroojerd. The city is in great need of its citizens.

After sipping his tea, Sayyid Husayn said:

• And what about you? Are you going to stay here, in Boroojerd?

• In fact, I have decided to return to Isfahan after some months. Oh, by the way, Jaleel told me to give you his best regards, and seemed very sad to bear about my uncle's death. He aimed to join me in my coming to Boroojerd, but his wife was very sick.

He then pulled out a piece of paper from his pocket, and said to Sayyid Husayn.

• Look, Jaleel has written these few verses of poem of Sa'di2.

Staring at the paper, Sayyid Husayn replied:

• May Allah protects him. Tell him to try to come next time.

• I have to go cousin. Don't forget that you are invited too by Muhammad Husayn in his home.

• I will come there with my mother and Isma’il, we are all invited.

• So, see you there.

After a while, Sayyid Isma’il hurried in and shouted happily:

• Now. let's go. I am quite ready.

The whole stood up and walked towards the house of Sayyid Muhammad Husayn Tabataba’i.

The Pious Man Of Dezfool

It was Tir3, and Sayyid Husayn who now was known as Hujjatul Islam, was sitting in his office preparing his daily research in Fiqh and Usool. He was immersed in studying when somebody knocked the door. He used to hear such knocks especially after the death of Hajj Muhammad Husayn Najafi, which caused many people coming to him asking about many religious issues. Anyhow, his time, Sayyid felt different against that knocking.

There was an old man, whose eyes were filled with faith beam, and divine light covers his forehead, and a long white beard.

• Peace he upon you. please come in.

• Peace be upon you. I hope I am not disturbing you in this early morning.

- Absolutely not Please come in.

As soon the old man got bis scat, he commenced introducing himself.

• I'm Muhammad Ridha’ Dezfooli. My doctor advised me to leave Khozestan during the summer, and some of my friends asked me to come to Boroojerd for its nice weather.

The old man stopped talking for few minutes, then he continued:

• I have been here for three days.

• Where have you spent those days? It seems that we were unable to be honoured and visit you as a sick, or receive you as a guest. so that to quench our thirst with your knowledge.

• God forgive me! Some have guided me to here.I have studied your commentaries on Al-'Urwatul Wuthqaa, and I couldn’t find something more interesting that it

• Thank you for your courtesy.

Boroojeri then went to bring the tea.

Sayyid Husayn spoke politely to the old man, when he came back holding the cups of tea:

• If you are intending to stay in Boroojerd for the whole summer, then think it is good that you lead the performers of the prayer in the city’s mosque, or you can give some lectures.

• I came only for rest. I will be very glad if you admit me to have a general view on your books.

• Everything here will be at your disposal

• Well, l think I will first have a look at your commentaries on Usool.

• Of course, I haven't an independent book about that. It is only a commentary on the book of "Kifayetil Usool" of my master.

While saying these words, Sayyid was picking one or the books from the shelf. He then continued:

• I wrote it when I was in Najaf.

Muhammad Ridha’ stood up, asking a permission to leave:

• I don't like to distract your attention. I think you have a lecture tomorrow?

• It is too early. Why don't you stay. I will be ready in a minute.

• In fact, I expect some guests from Dezfool. They may arrive in any minute.

• May Allah protect you.

• I beg you not to forget us when you supplicate.

Poisonous Arrows

• "By the sacred words of “La ilaha illa Allah", Hajj Yahya Dezfool screamed, and the whole crowd repeated after him saying;

• La ilaha illa Allah

• Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.

• Repeat loudly: La ilaha illa Allah.

• The coffin of sheikh Muhammad Dezfool was flowing over the heads of the crowd like a

boat which pushes its way through the high waves.

Drying his sweats, Hajj Mohsin Shashteri spoke to sheikh 'Ali saying:

• Have you informed Sayyid Husayn?

• Yes. Mirza Habeeb went to inform him.

Hajj Shashteri who was staring eastwards, continued:

• Look. Here is Sayyid.

As soon as the crowd saw Sayyid Husayn, everyone repeated the salutation upon the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S) and his Immaculate Family (‘a).

After a while, the funeral ceremonies began and Sayyid Husayn proceeded to perform the prayer of Meyyit.

It was sunset when the crowd directed to masjid Al-Mahdi (‘a)

• “O Sayyid these are the followers of the Late Dezfooli", sheikh 'Ali whispered to Sayyid

Husayn, “They have come from different cities. Some came from Shosther, others came from Dezfool, Mashahr, Abadan, Ahwaz4 …etc:".

Sheikh ‘Ali continued:

• The late Dezfooli bequeathed that people may come to you and have their solutions for

their issues. As I know, not only Khozestan inclines to imitate you, but also the western part of the country has the same desire.

• Do you think that this is sublimity for me? It is a heavy responsibility. It is even a

temptation. I see poisonous arrows in the horizons. Do you know why I became late to the funeral ceremony? I have been informed that these days some officials in the capital are spreading propaganda on behal[of the Bahaist, deriding the Islamic doctrines Besides they arc removing many Muslims from their positions and employing members of that wicked sect

• “And what about the people?", sheikh 'Ali regretfully inquired. "What have the people of

Tehran done?...Are they silent?".

• Whether the people of Tehran revolted against that or not, l would perform my duty

whatever the consequences were. Don’t forget, sheikh, to warn the people of the danger or the Bahaism5 in your lectures and speeches.

• I will be at your service, Sayyid.

The Project Of Mu’tamid Ul-Dawlah

The governor’s office of Boroojerd was sunk in bitter deep silence. Different characters who came to assemble, sat in consequence round the table in that office, aiming to solve the problem which suddenly emerged in Boroojerd and was seriously disturbing the capital.

The eyes were staring at the governor, with his short stature and swelled belly, who intended to break the silence.

• Dear gentlemen! in order that everything be alright, l will try to explain the event, and in

brief. The accident happened as follows:

The general director of the census administration appointed one of bis employees as his deputy, when the latter has adopted Bahaism. This news reached Sayyid Tabataba’i, who immediately phoned to the capital requesting the resignation of the said director from his position and that the matter should be taken under investigation. But Sayyid didn't find anyone who gives his ear to this subject in spite of his insistence. Therefore, Sayyid contacted the high responsibles in the government, but his efforts were in vain this time too.

Then Sayyid decided to leave the city protesting against that Up to now, the case seems to be not serious. But as you know, a great multitude is backing up Sayyid. Hence, the event became momentous, especially when it has been brought up in the mosques and religious schools. Concisely, people are requesting Sayyid to return to his own city, while he insists that the director of the census administration should first abdicate all responsibility.

Drying his sweats, the governor continued:

I spoke by telephone with the official in charge in the capital, specifically Secretary of State and even the Prime Minister explaining the issue for them. 1 have then received a strict instruction in regard with the same issue in order to form a special committee to search the matter. The same committee has the plenipotentiary powers in the negotiation.

After a fair cough. the governor went on, saying:

• Gentlemen! As you sec, we have only two ways. Either expelling that Bahaist, or to confront the angry crown of people. Undoubtedly, the first way sounds more logical. I, personally. think that even if His Excellency the Shah was here. his choice would certainly be this, too.

Colonel Bakhtiyari, the commander of the gendarmerie, commented:

• The governor is completely right. But responding to the people's request shall certainly weaken the position of the government and will suffer a loss or prestige, because maybe Sayyid will again be angry after one month, for example requesting the resignation of the governor himself this time. What shall we do then? I demand that this matter should be highly taken into consideration so as the people dare not to repeat this accident in the future.

Here, Ardesheer Khan “Mufakhirul Mulk” after amending himself, meddled saying:

• The opinion of the colonel was completely logical But we have to notice, that we are living in a real crisis and decisive calamity. So, why we should think about something which may or may not happen in the future. leaving the present in agitation? I believe that the best solution, is that, which has been suggested by the governor. Otherwise, encountering an angry nation, means a fatal adventure.

Everybody shook his heads as a sign means agreeing with the proposal

Then the governor turned his face towards his deputy and whispered, saying:

• The session no.21 was held by the presence of gentlemen, the commander of the Gendarmerie squam commander, Mu’tamidul Mulk Mufakhirul Mulk, and many other distinguished loyalist persons, and decided what follows:

Due to disregarding of the director of the census administration, imposing his rule illegally, the assembly made a decision to force him to resign, and request Sayyid Tabataba’i to return to his city.

The same committee orders the commander of the gendarmerie to put that decision into effect.

So, the decision document was then signed by the attendees.

Triumphant Return

The loud voice of the assembly that was repeating the blessings upon the Holy Prophet and his Immaculate Family was the only voice heard during the reception of Al-·Sayyid Al-Tabalaba’i. A large carriage pulled by horses appeared, Hajj Mosa who was very jealous, screamed in loud voice:

Welcome, O you who gouged Islam’s enemies’ eyes out. Send the blessings to Muhammad and his Immaculate Family.

The assembly, and in one voice repeated:

• "Allahumma Salli ‘Ala Muhammad wa Aali Muhammad”...

Someone whispered:

• So, Sayyid is coming?

• “A delegate has been sent by the government to ask him to return", another one replied.

• And what happened to that Bahaist?

• They expelled him. 'And they devised, and God is the best of devisers'.

Sayyid Husayn Boroojerdi got down and saluted the assembly, thanking them for their assistance and heartly support.

Sayyid Husayn then said:

Thank God who disgraced the enemies of Islam and ‘Praise belongs to God, who has been true in His promise to us’(39:74).

where He says:

"If you help God, He will help you” (47:7).

You've made Sahib uz-Zaman (may Allah hasten his glad advent) delighted.

In this occasion. while the sacred month of Ramadhan is about to appear, we shall consecrate it by speeches about that Great Imam (‘a) depending on the sunni and shi'ite sources so that we may fear the enemies and make them disappointed.

Again the blessings upon the Holy Prophet and his Pure Family was heard along with the admiration of the assembly seeing a unique leader who is able to struggle against the government, alone.

• “'I kindly request the attenders to return to their work, untroubled', Sayyid Husayn added,'' ‘God is the Protector of the believers’, and He will certainly guard His religion against the plots of the enemies".

Mourning The Children

Sayyid Husayn accompanied. with some other believers, were passing through the
alleys leading to the school of Noor Bakhsh.

Ghulam Husayn Shalchi, who became astonished when he saw the crowd, hurried and whispered to i:

• Where to?

• To the cemetery of Soofiyan.

• What happened?

• Nothing, Sayyid used to go there and recite the Surah of Fatiha to the soul of his daughter who died lately during childbirth...

• Indeed, children are man's liver, especially Sayyid who got only this daughter.

The Appropriate Time

Hajj Gholam Ridha’ Sa'eedi, who was sitting in his son's room Mirza Muhammad. came with some of people of Shams Aabad. Mirza Muhammad while looking at his father's face, seeing that most of his ‘head is aflame with hoariness', murmured:

• What's the hurry father?

• Your mother is alone. Besides, I have a lot of things to do.

• A great learned has come to Mashhad since months. You've better go and visit him father.

Looking at the 'Alim's face is like worshipping.

• What 's his name?

• Sayyid Husayn al-Boroojerdi. He got many imitators in the western and southern parts of

the country. It is said that he has come here to pilgrim and get some relax after the demise of his sole daughter.

• Since morning we were roving here and there. Why didn't you say that before?

• We still have plenty of time. Postpone your travel for another day.

• So, let's go now and visit Sayyid.

• Now?!

• Yes, with your uncle and Hajj Barat ‘Ali and many others. This is better and more

honourable. Move now and put on your clothes.

Soon after that, some group was seen walking towards the house where Sayyid Husayn
was dwelling.

The door was knocked, and Mashhadi Ahmad, the Sayyid’s servant, opened the door saying:

• Please come in.

Mirza Muhammad immediately commented:

• We arc pilgrims from Damghan and like to visit Sayyid.

• Please come in. you've reached in an appropriate time. Sayyid was about to go out to visit

Sheikh Hassan ‘Ali Isfahani.

The guests then went in and everyone took his place.

Sayyid Husayn welcomed his guests, and with curiosity he asked them:

• What about the agriculture and the land?

• Thank God.

Then Sayyid with a low voice recited the following holy verse:

“Yet had the people of the city believed and been Godfearing, We would have opened upon them blessings from the heaven”. (7:96).

Believing in Allah and His power brings the blessing, and thanking Him increases provision.

“If you are thankful, surely I will increase you" (14:7).

The servant, holding a tray of tea cups, entered and began to distribute the cups one after another maintaining the equanimity.

Now, Barat 'Ali who kept silent up to that moment, said:

• We are indeed lucky to find you and be honoured to pilgrim you. We've heard that you

are intending to return to Boroojerd.

- Yes, by the will of Allah. I have received many letters asking me to go back. I will go back l will go after tomorrow, and maybe I shall stay in Tehran for sometime.

• Now, please Sayyid, excuse us. We have to leave.

• Forget us not during supplicating. May Allah protect you all.

The Gifts

Sayyid Husayn returned to Boroojerd for a few days, while his servant was for the thousand times repeating the news of Sayyid’s trip to sacred Mashhad. In the meanwhile, he was relating that again to his brother-in-law:

• Yes, Hajj Yahya. What can l tell you, and where from shall I begin? Shall I tell you about

the delegates which were visiting Sayyid Husayn in Mashhad or Tehran? Or maybe I've better tell you about the matchless reception in Qum, Arak, Malayir…etc!

• I heard that you have spent few days in Arak.

• That’s right. When we arrived there, we heard that sheikh 'Abdul Kareem

Al-Ha’iri6 has come to Arak to visit one of his kinfolks, so Sayyid Husayn decided to remain in Arak for some other days hoping to meet sheikh Al-Ha’iri..

Here, Hajj Yahya called his daughter saying:

• Fahimah, Fahimah!

• Yes father.

• Where is the dinner? ls it dinner or Sohoor?7

• I'm coming father.

Then Fahimah came in holding the tray of the dinner.

• “I was about to be disappointed from the dinner as I was once so from the Soohan8' of

your aunt's husband.

Defending her aunt's husband. Fahimah commented:

• What do you mean Father?

• No1bing, but your aunt's husband went empty and came back empty too...!

The whole attenders laughed while they were encircling round the tray.

A Private Message

Many days passed since Sayyid Husayn’s second marriage which occurred due to his first wife's urgent demand.

Sayyid Husayn was in his room teaching some of his students.

Mirza Abul Qasim said, while he was arranging his book:
• Are you coming on Saturday'/

• Why not?

• Because we’ve heard that you are leaving to Mecca for pilgrimage.

• Thar's right, but not now. The next month, by the will of Allah.

• By the way, Sayyid! We heard that you have been invited to visit Tabreez.

• In fact, I received a private letter from some believers, asking to have my permission to

imitate me.

• Finally, the people of Azerbaijan realized the truth. Moon does not remain behind the

clouds for ever.

• Beware of Satan, son", Sayyid interrupted.

• Now, have you accepted their invitation, our Master.

• The banner of Islam is being held by Sayyid Abul Hasan Al-Isfahani, and everyone is Imitating him. So, sowing dissension or stir up discord among the Muslims is not convenient for Islam.

The Arrest

The old servant was sitting in a comer immersed in deep thinking.

• “What happened. Hajj?” his host, who was one of the 'Alims of Kermanshah9 asked

• They have arrested Sayyid near the borders.

• What?

• Briefly, when Sayyid was in Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf he spent one month there, meeting some

prominent characters. Like Ayatullah Al-Isfahani, Mirza Nayeeni and Sayyid Dhia-ul-Din ‘Al-Iraqi. From there. we travelled to Mecca to pilgrim the Holy House of Allah. During our return, we passed by Kadhimiyyah10, where he received a letter informing him that he got a baby, and so be named him (Muhammad Hasan). Theo Sayyid Husayn returned to Najaf again where he spent eight months. After that he decided to come back to Iran. As soon as he arrived Qasre Shireen, he was overtaken by the security officials who then arrested him.

• When did this happen?

• That was during the evening.

• And whereto did they take him?

• I don't know exactly.

• You shall stay here. in my home until everything becomes clear.

The Squad Commander

Boroojerd put a new uniform on. The security officials were seen everywhere and masjid Al-Sultani was covered with black cloth, while the reciting of the Holy Qur’an was being heard from minaret of that masjid.

Abdul Kareem inquired:

• What happened, Ibraheem?

• "Didn't you know? The squad commander, Abdullah Khan, has been assassinated in his way between Boroojerd and Khurram Aabad”. Ibraheem Al-Najjar replied.

• Yes, I heard that. But, what's the relation between the both events?

• Shah11 will stop in Boroojerd to recite Fatiha before continuing his trip to Khurram Aabad.

He stopped talking for a while, then he said:

• Aren't you coming with me to see Shah?

• I have children who are waiting for food.

• Look at the people who are going to the masjid. All of them want to see Shah.

• Leave me alone. You go and amuse yourself by seeing him.

He said that and continued his way towards his shop, which was near the old masjid.

After about three hours, the assembly dispersed in all directions… Hajj 'Ali Jum'a was going back to his home to have food.

When Mashhadi ‘Abdul Kareem saw him, he screamed:

• Come in. Hajj. You must be holding some news.

• Many. Shah arrived the masjid and recited Fatiha, then he left. Before his leaving, Shah

asked one of the Tabataba·i s a question, saying;
• How many persons in your family holding the name (Sayyid Husayn)?

• "Only one" Sayyid Abdul Husayn answered, "He is our marji ' of Taqleed, and he is now in Mecca for pilgrimage”.

Shah said:

• No. He is in Tehran now!

• “What for?” Sayyid inquired.

Shah answered: “Simply for some legal procedures. He was arrested near the border and was brought to the capital”.

• You mean he is detained now?

Shah who noticed a murmuring in various corners in the masjid, commented:

• Be quiet gentlemen! He is now in Tehran, and he is free to stay there or to go anywhere he likes.

Then Shah turned to Hajj Qa’im ul-Mulk. his escort, and said:

• Call Tehran to let Sayyid Husayn dwell in the house of the representative of Boroojerd until I arrive there.

The whole people shouted the blessings upon Muhammad (S) and his pure family (‘a). After that, Shah stood up and left the masjid.

• “But why they have arrested him?”. Mashhadi ‘Abdul Kareem asked.

• When Shah left, we asked Sayyid 'Abdul Husayn the same question. In reply he said: "It is said that some of the 'Ulama of Isfahan have gathered in Qom and protested against the government's policy. Thus. the government suspected that Sayyid maybe one of those 'Ulama.

After this conversation, Hajj went towards his shop.

The Residence Of Thiqat Ul-Islam

It was one of the autumn's afternoon. Sayyid Muhammad Taqi Thiqat ul-Islam, the representative of Boroojerd in the Parliament was sitting in his residence. The telephone rang suddenly, and his wife answered the call, then she turned to her husband. saying:

• Muhammad Taqi!

Thiqat ul-Islam stood up and had the telephone:

• Hello! Oh, peace be upon you Prime Minister ...Thank God ...What? A guest? Who is he? Hajj Sayyid Husayn Al--Boroojerdi?..You mean he is in Tehran?.. When did he come here?

• "He didn't come by himself, the prime minister answered," He has been brought arrested, but everything is O.K. now. Shah has contacted by telephone, ordering that he must remain your guest until he arrives here".

• Very well, I am coming. Is there anything else?

He then put the telephone down.

• "What's going on?", Thiqat ul-Islam's wife inquired.

• Nothing. We shall have a guest

• Who could that be?

• Sayyid Husayn Al-Boroojerdi.

• And who was on the phone?

• The Prime Minister.

Thiqat ul-Islam then hurried and put on his formal uniform. and when he arrived there, he found there the general staff, the Prime Minister Mukhir ul-Saltanah and some other ministers and military commanders. Here. the Prime Minister gave Thiqat ul-Islam a smile, saying:

• Don’t worry Thiqat ul-Islam. He arrived just now. I myself heard the news lately. You

know, the country is passing a serious condition. That was only a precautionary procedure. I have received frank order to release him and let him be your honoured guest.

• "Anyhow, he is my cousin". Thiqat ul-Islam said, "That does not need orders or


Few seconds passed, then a bright face appeared. Thiqat ul-Islam went quickly to receive his cousin. He bowed to kiss his feet, and he was supported by Thiqat ul-Islam to stand again, then the three persons walked towards a special car which was waiting them outside.

While having the tea, Thiqat ul-Islam asked Sayyid Husayn:

• Where did they arrest you?

• Near the borders, in Qasre Shireen12.

Sayyid Husayn then spoke to Thiqat ul-Islam with blaming words:

• Everything you\e done was well but your bowing to kiss my feet has harmed me.

• I know that you bate such deed, but in fact, I meant something else by acting like that. I

only wanted to show the officials the high position or a marji'.so that they may avoid doing such things in the future.

After few seconds, the door was knocked. It was the Prime Minister accompanied with some other ministers, who came to express the Shah's and government's apology.

An Advice

Presenting the tea cup, Thiqat ul-Islam said:

• How was your meeting with Shah?

• I didn't like to have such a meeting. You see, I was obliged to do so.

• What did he say?

• He said: "Do you need anything. I wish if you ask me something". I refused to ask him anything, but when I saw his insistence, I said: If I have to ask something, I hope that you order the responsibilities to increase the provisions of the soldiers or the general staff.

Sayyid then had a few sips of his tea cup, and continued·

• Shah was shocked with my request, saying;" This is the first time in which I hear that a

religious person asks something which is related with the army and soldiers’ affairs, because I used to hear only the personal requests"

I, meanwhile was astonished, why does everybody become afraid

when he sees Shah? Rather. be seemed very normal to me when I was speaking with him.

• Did he say anything else?

• We have talked about many things. and I realised whatever be said. He was trying to focus on me in order to vex sheikh 'Abdul Karmn Al-Ha’iri. He was incessantly repeating:" We honour you to a high extent, and from now on we shall consult you instead Al-Ha’iri”. But answered him firmly. saying: 'It is better to consult Al-Ha’iri directly. I myself shall consult him whether you asked me anything'. I felt that I should advise him, anyhow.

With a growing sense of anxiety, Thjqat ul-Islam asked:

Advise whom? This man whom no one dares to speak with?

• Yes. I have advised him not to avoid the religious scholars and that he has to accept their advice, since they seek nothing but the country’s and people’s prosperity. Then I told him that I intend to go to Khorason. When I said that. I felt that be turned very happy, and I became certain that he wants me to be away from Qom and the western parts, or at least stay in Tehran so that l can be easily observed. Due to his utmost gladness, he ordered his men to grant me fifty thousand Tumans. Maybe he thought that I would have confidence in his government.

• "It is a huge sum", Thiqat ul-Islam commented, "It can be invested to serve the religious affairs".

Sayyid interrupted him by saying:

• No cousin. That disagrees with the pride of Islam, therefore. I refused to accept the

money, and said:" l will be in the hospitality of

Imam Al-Ridha’ (‘a). Then he inquired about the date of my travel, I said: "Tomorrow morning, by the permission of Allah".

Here, Thiqat ul-Islam felt that he must leave now, and let Sayyid have some rest before his travel. So he stood up taking the permission.

Alas, What A Period

• Thus, I spent about one hundred days in Tehran like a prisoner. They insisted on me to stay in there, but I refused, pretending that I have a lot of relations in Boroojerd. Then I travelled from Tehran towards Mashhad where I pitched my tent there for seven months.

The Sayyid's wife was listening to him while cooling her face by fanning it with a handy fan which was brought by her husband from Mashhad.

Sipping his tea, Sayyid continued:

• And from Mashhad I returned to Qom, and then to Boroojerd. They have withheld my passport to prevent me from travelling to Iraq to pilgrim the Sacred Shrines again.

While she was filling another cup of tea, Sayyid's wife said:

• Alas, what a period. Even pilgriming the holy shrines became forbidden.

Then she called to mind her return with Hajj Ahmad from Qasre Shireen to Boroojerd, and cursed those who have arrested her husband wresting her happiness She then looked at her husband and said:

• It seems that your meeting the 'Ulama in Najaf was the very reason for arresting you.

• 'Anyhow", Sayyid commented, "l didn't come empty-banded".

The Years Of Dispelling

At the same time that the silver moon was shining through tbc alleys of Boroojerd, some merchants and rich people were gathered in the house of Sayyid Husayn.

Mirza Muhammad Wali (The Syndic of the Merchants) inquired:

• Do you know why Sayyid has sent for us?

• "Tomorrow is the 17lh of the month", Hajj Kadhim Khan answered while he was playing

with his beard, we were expecting the goods to reach on 15th".

• What? The British and the Americans arc filling the southern coasts like locusts and ants,

and the Russians are invading the northern parts of the country. Thank God that Boroojerd is not in their way, otherwise, we may not be able even to protect our possession and honor.

• We arc heedless of what will happen in the future.

• Nothing important will happen. Everything became muddled. Some say that Rcza Khan

fled the country. Days are bringing a storm, Hajj, and man must keep his hat or it will fly with the wind.

• So…

Here, the speech was interrupted when Sayyid Husayn entered the room and got his place, then he began to explain why he has sent for them:

• "Everyone knows what is going on in the country. It is racing destruction and a real calamity. People are hungry. and the poor becoming poorer. Today, for example, while I was returning from masjid Al-.Sultani, I saw a tragic scene. I saw a woman embracing her baby. and some other children with pale faces were behind her. She blocked my way, and bitterly said: "O Sayyid! You are the deputy of the Imam(‘a), how can my children eat this burned loaf?". She held a bad-smelling burned bread which she bought with expensive price...

Yes gentlemen. I cried because of that depressing sight. That was a family devastated by hunger and homelessness, while you, the rich of the city and its merchants, are living in peace. Allah the Exalted says:

“You will not attain piety until you expend of what you love” (3:93).

For that reason. I have sent for you to show a sense of responsibility toward the poor and the indigent".

After that, one of the merchants stood up and delivered the donations and grants of his companions. Then Sayyid recommended Hajj Mahdi Iftekharul, Hajj Muhammad Wali the syndic of the merchants and Hajj Ibraheem Mushirul Tajjar (counsellor of the merchants) to get the donations and begin to build a bakery which provides the people with good and cheap bread.

• 'But Sayyid!". someone inquired, "The sum exceeds the building of a bakery, so what shall we do with the rest of the money? Isn’t better to construct a factory for producing rugs and carpet with the rest of the money, and buy an electric generator?".

The idea was applauded by everybody, and the whole shouted sending the blessings to the Holy Prophet and his Immaculate Family.

It's Too Late

As usual, the students gathered in the house Sayyid Husayn in the afternoon. After a while. one of them asked:

• Won’t Sayyid come today?

• “I don't know”, said his companion. "Maybe he will be late”. Another one trying to kill

time, said:

• Gentlemen! Do you know why Hajj Ahmad presents the tea to everyone except us?

• "Tea is only presented to guests", one of them answered with laughter, "while we are

inhabitants. We come in the morning and leave in the evening”.

The whole students laughed. Suddenly, Sayyid appeared, so everyone behaved seriously.

One of the students suggested with politeness: "O Sayyid I think it's too late. Adhan will be pronounced soon.

Sayyid, with a relieved smile, said:

• I tried to come sooner but couldn't So. I apologize.

• What happened Sayyid?

• You know that Hajj Husayn Qommi has been exiled for Iraq due to the event of Gohar Shad. He returned to Iran recently and submitted the government a list in which he had recorded his proposals and some recommendations. Of those were, the uniform freedom and stop the obligatory unveiling of women13, allowing the establishing of classes for teaching Qur’an and religious rules in the public schools.

But the government has refused his requests in spite of the letters and telegrams which all were upholding those requests. Thus 'Ulama from Qom and Tehran have urged me to intercede with the authorities on behalf of Qommi by going to Tehran and settle the case there. But some of my kinsfolks and cousins advised me not to do that. Therefore, I think it's better that the tribes send telegrams to support Qommi's position, and if the government refused to accept the protest again, I then shall be obliged to travel to Tehran myself and I don'1 worry the consequences.

Thank God that the government has yielded to the public desire.

Sayyid continued, after he has dried his sweats, saying.

• Qommi has sent a telegram to me thanking me for my supporting his position, and that he intends to travel to Iraq When I heard that be arrived Malayir, I hurried to welcome him. For that I have been late today. I apologize again for the delay.

The students showed a smile, nod after a while Adhan was heard.

A Visit

Hajj Kadhim Khan and Mirza Muhammad Wali (Aminul Tujjar) along with other believers were in their way to visit Sayyid in his home.

One of them whispered in his companion's ear saying:

• Didn't you inquire Hajj Ahmad about the Sayyid’s sickness?

• He told me that the doctors have advised Sayyid to undergo an operation in the capital.

When the gathering arrived the house, Sayyid was being assisted by some of his relatives to ride a car which was expected to go to Tehran. Tears filled the eyes of the attenders who were there observing that sad sight, that kind hearts was about to be separated from its lovers.

Where Are We Now?

• Please hurry the doctor whispered to the driver while he was perspiring, "It is serious condition”.

• “It is impossible to drive foster than this", chauffer replied, “We will arrive in the morning".

• By the will and blessing of Allah.

Meanwhile, Sayyid woke up, and asked in a low voice:

• Where are we now?

• "We’ve passed Qom. Sayyid', the doctor answered.

Suddenly Sayyid cried:

• I am very well now, let's go back to Qom to pilgrim!

So the driver turned back towards Qom….

Sayyid accomplished his pilgrimage to the Holy Shrine of Hazrat Ma’soomah (‘a)., then the travel went on to the north.

• "We arrived. Thank God", the driver said.

The doctor who was with Sayyid, commented saying:

• You will undergo the operation soonest possible, Sayyid, by the will of Allah, and I will

visit you whenever I have time.

Sayyid then, got out of the car deliberately, and by turning his face towards the driver, he said:

• l do not know how to thank you or appreciate your efforts.

• We did our job, Sayyid, we hope that you will spend good time here.

Surrounded with a lot of nurses Sayyid walked through the corridor of the hospital.

  • 1. A square table covered with quilts and blankets with a brazier under it to heat legs and body during the winter.
  • 2. Sa’di Shirazi, a famous lranian poet.
  • 3. The fourth months of Persian calendar (June-July).
  • 4. Cities situated in the province of Khozestan, almost inhibited by Arabs.
  • 5. A religious sect developed uot of Babism: began in 1863 A.D. by Mirza Husayn Ali in Iran. Flourished in the time of Muhammad Raza Pahlavi Shah of Iran and seized many important positions in the government. The said sect was uprooted by the Islamic Revolution. It is nowadays being bought out by Israel and the United States in order to be tasked with many indecent deeds.
  • 6. The founder of Hawzah Imiyyah in sacred Qom
  • 7. Food eaten before the dawn of the fasting day
  • 8. A kind of candy made of flour and honey, which is very famous in Qom, about 150 kilometers south of Tehran.
  • 9. A city west of Iran
  • 10. A city north of Baghdad (Iraq) where the two immaculate Imams: Musa Al-Kadhim and his grandson Muhammad Al-Jawad (peace be upon them) are buried.
  • 11. Ridha’ Khan.
  • 12. An Iranian city near the western border with Iraq. The same city was completely destroyed
    During the Iran-Iraq was on 1980 A.D.
  • 13. Ridha’ Khan was highly influenced by Mustafa Kamal Ataturk (Turkish statesman and president {1923 – 1938}), especially during his visit to Ankara. So he tried to follow the same policy. One of the elements of that policy was unveiling the women which caused an uproar over it and threatened Ridha’ Shah’s throne.