Chapter 4: The Immortal Appearance

A Friendly Conversation

Seventy days passed and Sayyid is still receiving hospital treatment.

• “We heard that Shah had visited you", one of 'Ulama of Tehran inquired.

Sayyid, and while he was drinking his apple juice leisurely, answered:

• Yes, and it was a good opportunity to talk with him with regard to what the press is

publishing nowadays of immorality against Islam.

• And what was his answer?

• He promised me to prevent that soon.

Sayyid added with a nice smile:

• I completely realise that he won't do it, because he is absolutely unable, since the reins of power and control are in hands of his masters He is a mere puppet, and a charged person is it is said.

One of the masters in Hawzah Ilmiyah of Qom, who up to that moment was silent, said:

• How nice is the conversation between the friends. Time passes without feeling It. So, you

have decided to return to Qom, Sayyid.

• Until this morning I was still hesitating about going back to Boroojerd or Qom. I have received many telegrams and met a lot of delegates. Anybow, I made a sortes with the Holy Qur'an during my pilgrimage to the Holy Shrine of Sayyid 'Abdul 'Adheem1. I opened the Holy Qur'an, so I got the following holy verse:

“And We sent down out of heavens water in measure and lodged it in the earth; and We are able to take it away” (23:18).

“Then We produced for you therewith garden of palms and vines wherein are many fruits for you, and of them, and of them you eat” (23:19).

“And a tree issuing from the Mount Sinai that bears oil and seasoning for all to eat” (23:20).

One of the attenders said:

• What a sign! What did you mean by your sortes?

• Actually, I meant Qom.

• So, you have decided to dwell in Qom?

• Yes.

Everyone screamed with happiness and sent the blessings to the Holy Prophet and his Pure Family.

• “Gentlemen!” another one commented, "I have asked the doctor who supervises Sayyid, and he declared that Sayyid is enjoying the best of health, and that he can leave the hospital whenever he likes.

• “Tomorrow is Thursday', a second one added, "lt is a blessed day for travelling and

pilgrim Hazrat Ma’soomah (‘a)2”.

After that, all stood up and bade farewell to Sayyid who was smiling as to express his appreciation of their visit.

In The Way To Qom

The sky was covered with the clouds of winter, and a cold wind was blowing over the sandy plains. The car which carried Sayyid and two attendants was racing to Qom.

• "Did the time for prayer begin?". Sayyid queried.

• Another half an hour remained for that Maybe the time of prayer. And the lunch will be 'Ali Aabad, by the permission of Allah.

Sayyid caught sight of a gathering from distance who came to welcome him.

• "I did not want you to inform the people about my coming". Sayyid commented with regret.

• They are doing that to show the pride at their Sayyid. When we arrive 'Ali Aabad, the reception will be greater. The merchants of that city had arranged a big meal for the whole people.

Musa Lbn 'Lmran

Mirza Qasim, who was looking at Hajj Mustafa Minabi, said:

• Are you sure that Sayyid will arrive here?

• Of course. Our master has told us that, and be ordered us to open all the doors. Don't you here the voice of people sending the blessings to the Holy Prophet (S.A.)?... Here he is. Let's go.

Sayyid then entered accompanied with his attendants, and after a short time, the whole rooms were filled with a huge number of people.

• “Why was Sayyid so late". Mirza Qasim whispered.

• That was because of the crowd, friend. It was very difficult to move a step forward, and

the city became overcrowded with buses, cars and even trailers.

Sayyid then began to greet his people who were in front of a significant and honourable person. having the mien of a prophet. Soon after that, a poet stood up from among the assembly and recited some verses of poetry:

A visage similar to that of a prophet in nicety
A face like the full moon in beauty
Thou art Moses son of ‘Imran
And thy white hand is a banner which is shiny

Mirza Qasim who wished to joke with Hajj Mustafa, said:

• What happened? You didn't say a word yet. Why don't you, at least repeat: Bravo.. Bravo..?

• O my friend! People say 'Bravo' to a poet that summarizes his poem, not to this fellow! Look! He is still shouting, paying no attention to anyone.

• You cannot evaluate the poetry, otherwise you will have another position.

The Importance Of Water

Many characters, such as Hajj Yahya, Hajj Muhammad Wali and others came to Boroojerd to see Sayyid Husayn. During the tea-party, Hajj Yahya, with bitter accent spoke to Sayyid's attendant saying;

• You see, we have lost Sayyid in the daytime!

• Don't exaggerate, Hajj!

“Yet it may happen that you will hate a thing which is better for You(2:216).

Remember that Qom is the center of religion, and it needs Sayyid more than any other place. Sayyid was able only to lecture and lead prayer in Boroojerd.

• Anyhow, we have to be sorry for missing him. One cannot evaluate water except when he loses it.

• “Hajj Ahmad is right”, one of the attenders commented, “Let the benefit of Islam be greater than our personal desires. Sayyid does not give up a beautiful city like Boroojerd easily and go to Qom, where the salty water and the dry weather, unless he has a reasonable plea.

Hajj Ahmad continued, saying:

• Sayyid Ashrafi was right when he said: 'Boroojerd is proud to be beget a great man like Sayyid and present him to the whole world', and do not forget that Sayyid will spend the summer here in Boroojerd, which means that he didn't give up his birthplace.

Hajj Yahya, who stood up to leave the place, said:

• Excuse us, Hajj. Do you want me to perform any service for you in Boroojerd?

• Why all the hurry? Why don't you stay for some other days?

• There is a caravan of buses intending to leave to Boroojerd, and I must hurry up.

The School Of Gohar Shad

The place was quiet, reigned by silence. There was no one inside the house but Hajj Ahmad and Sayyid Husayn, who were drinking tea. Sayyid asked about the date. Hajj Ahmad answered:

• Today is the twentieth of Sha'aban. That means one month had passed since we have

come from Mashhad. The weather here is more convenient than Qom, Sayyid.

• Yes. but anyhow, we have to return back, since Ramadhan is close to us.

• But. Sayyid, here is better. Must we go that boiling weather? Meanwhile, someone knocked at the door:

• May I come in?

• Please come in, Hajj.

It was sheikh 'Ali Al-Nahawandi, who got in, deliberately. He shook hands with Sayyid warmly and sat near him.

• How do you do, Hajj?

• Very well, Thank God. I heard that you have visited the Radhawi Library.

• Yes. In fact. it is a great library which contains valuable and precious books. It needs only an index, and I have recommended them to create one.

"Look at this book", Sayyid continued while picking a book from the shelf.

• Al-Rijal of Sheikh Al-Tusi?

• I was about to be disappointed at having it, until I decided then to compile a book regarding the same subject of Al-Tusi’s, but finally I got it.

• Have you compared between the two books?

• Yes, and I found some differences between them, since I have discovered that some of the dignities were not in my own compilation, otherwise, my book would be matchless comparing with the origin. Besides, my compilation included many essential notes and explanations.

Sayyid halted for a while, then he added:

• Thank God that I have found it before my return.

• What? Your return? Whereto? I thought you have come here for this reason, I mean, the people of Khorasan arc cager for your staying here in Mashhad, at least to spend Ramadhan.

• I was talking to Hajj Ahmad about that. He also believes that I must stay, but I prefer to return.

• What are you saying Sayyid? On behalf of myself and 'Ulama of Khorasan and its people I request you kindly to stay in Mashhad and spend Ramadhan here, leading the prayer in the School of Gohar Shad.

• But...

• Please Sayyid, I do not want to leave you empty-handed. Allow me to convey these good tidings to them.

Sayyid bowed his head for few times, then he lifted up his head again with a smile drawn on his lips, which did raise the hope of the attenders.

The Last Photograph

Soundless moments conquered the house of Sayyid, while sheikh Mujtaba Kashani got a newspaper Ittela’at in his hands. Then be turned towards Sayyid Muhammad Husayn Al-·Alawi (Boroojerd's sonin·law), saying:

• What did Sayyid say when he heard the news that Sayyid Abul Hasan Isfahani has died?

Sayyid Muhammad answered:

• Sayyid was busy in his room with Mir Sayyid ‘Ali Kashi and were engaged in a scientific argument. When we informed him the news, he burst out crying. After a while, the delegates gathered in Sayyid’s house to console him. The whole city became paralysed with shock, then Sayyid asked the people to go to the Holy Shrine to swear allegiance.

Sayyid Muhammad Alawi then inquired:

• By the way, what was written in the newspaper?

• Nothing, except few lines under the late's last photograph.

• “May Allah have mercy upon him”, Sayyid Muhammad said while he was staring at Isfahani’s photograph, “He became very thin lately".

Then he stood up and said:

• I will show the newspaper to Sayyid.

After a short time, a gloomy voice was heard from the Sayyid's room. So, some of the people there murmured: "Sayyid Muhammad shouldn't do that.

With a low voice, Sayyid said:

• He was a great man. He showed a high sense of responsibility and did his duty in the best way. May Allah recompense him for that, and May Allah muster him with just men and martyrs.

A Supernatural Call

The time was the last days of Azer3(39), and a cold wind was blowing through the narrow alleys of Qom. Hajj sheikh 'Ali Akbar Nahawandi, who arrived recently from a long and tiresome journey, entered the small room of Sayyid Boroojerdi:

• Peace be upon you.

• Peace and blessings be upon you too. Welcome...welcome Hajj.

Welcome who has left Toos and came to Qom.

• Our hearts are burning to sec you, Sayyid, and I must be excused to leave my home and come to Qom.

• What are you saying, Hajj? Now tell me, how is the situation there?

• I spent an additional one or two months in Mashhad after Ramadhan. then I decided to travel to Iraq to pilgrim the holy shrines there. So, I stayed in Najaf for sometime.

• How is the situation of its inhabitants?

• It is crowded with the citizens and the pilgrims because of two important occasions; the demise of the late Al-Isfahani and Hajj Husayn Qommi.

• Yes, they were two outstanding persons of Sh'ites. May Allah have mercy upon them. In fact, everyone has the right to mourn forever and ever for them. May Allah have mercy upon them.

• Now, Sayyid. there exists no one or the prominent mujtahids. and the ark of religion became without a captain to lead it towards the shore of safety. All are waiting you to be the captain. The eyes of Imam az-Zaman (may Allah hasten his glad arrival) are gazing at you, Sayyid.

• What do mean Hajj?!

• I'm not raving, Sayyid. I am saying the truth. Today I came here to relate a story happened to me.

Hajj Nahawandi coughed, then continued:

• It was the 15th of Thil Qideh, in the evening, when I was in Najaf. Ayatullah Isfahani was in bed. Before that. he told me to lead the prayer on behalf of him. When I was sitting on my praying rug in mihrab (niche), I heard a dignified voice saying: "You have honoured my son, so, I will honour you...l "I then turned to the people, it seemed that no one has heard that voice. So, I became sure that I am the addressee. and remembered your staying during Ramadhan according to my desire. I think, maybe this was the reason why the late Isfahani had ordered me to lead the prayer.

Sayyid submissively was hearing those effective words. In that sensitive moment, Adhan was heard from a minaret calling the believers to the prayer. So, Sayyid and Hajj Nahawandi rose up and went together to the holy shrine.

The Master And His Student

It was the 3rd of Mehr4, and Sayyid was sitting in his room with some of the masters of Hawzah Ilmiyyeh:

• Students must pursue great accuracy in the examination, and whosoever succeeds. He shall win the privileges of continuing the study in Hawzah and get its reward. There is another matter, I request everyone to improve his handwriting, spelling and composition, and increase his general information by reading more about the history of Islam and Tafseer5, since a religious scholar, in our time, needs all that knowledge.

Besides, you should not forget encouragement which is very important. So, any student studies hard, in addition to his being serving his sacred religion, I will give him a good present.

• “We shall follow your instructions precisely, Sayyid", one of the masters commented, "Now would you please give us permission to leave?".

Meanwhile, Sayyid Rashid entered:

• Peace be upon you.

• Peace and mercy of Allah be upon you. How do you do, Hujjatul Islam?

• Thank God

Sayyid Rashid who was an old man, sat and delivered a paper to Sayyid, and began to stare at Sayyid 's bright mien.

Sayyid unfolded the paper and read its content, then he turned to Sayyid Rashid, saying:

• You are one of my students in Isfahan.

• Exactly. I was teaching Al-Qawaneen6.

• You grew old. Me too. But you seem more infirm than me. Do you remember my answer to your crux?

• Yes I still remember, and still not convinced with your answer.

Both Sayyids laughed, and Sayyid Husayn commented:

• Never mind. My answer will remain as it is, and you can insist on your crux

They laughed again.

Then Sayyid slipped some money into the pocket of his guest. So, Sayyid Rashid intended to leave with great appreciation. Later on, a student came in holding a paper and delivered it to Sayyid. The latter turned to Sayyid Rashid, and said;

• Look, Sayyid, this student memorizes the whole Alfiyyeh ...

• Me too, I still memorize it.

Then Sayyid began to read some verses and the student was completing them, in the same time Sayyid was smiling so as to encourage the student, saying:

• Well done, well done, you deserve a reward. Try to go on memorizing more and more.

Sayyid, then gave him an envelope that contained some money in notes.

• O Sayyid! l wonder how could you memorize the Alfiyyeh while you became eighty years old?

Here, Sayyid Rashid asked:

• I have a question about the last verse with regard to rhetoric.

• But, you know, I have not studied this art yet.

Sayyid Husayn replied:

• I will answer your question on behalf of him.

Then Sayyid began to explain some literary points precisely, until Sayyid Rashid opened his mouth with astonishment. He then said:

• You still memorize some information you've learned them during your childhood.

In the meanwhile, Sayyid Muhammad Husayn Al-‘Alawi, the son-in-law of Sayyid Husayn enters the room and asks:

• O Sayyid! Have you paged through the book which I gave you yesterday afternoon?

• Al-Muraja’at ? Yes, I have read it all.

• You read two hundred pages? With all busy time you got? Did you become tired?

• On the contrary. Reading does not make me tired at all. Rather when I am tired, I go to read some pages to entertain myself.

Under Sentence Of Death

On the 13th of Sha'aban and before evening, Sayyid Sadooqi (the representative of Sayyid Husayn in Yazd) entered the room of Sayyid astonishingly.

• "May Allah charge you with good tidings", Sayyid Boroojerdi inquired.

• It is very serious, Sayyid!

• What happened?

• Briefly, Sayyid: One of the Bahaites has been assassinated by a follower of him, but unfortunately, some of the believers have been accused of the assassination. The killers conveyed the case to Tehran, and by bribing high officials, one of the Muslims will be sentenced for that assassination. The said Muslim is now in a solitary confinement waiting the execution on the l5th of Sha’aban.

• How did you get these pieces of information?

• It was only by accident; the government recommended that the Muslim should be put in a solitary confinement, but there was no empty one, so he was put with some other prisoners until one of the cells might become empty. The young met one of his kinsfolks in the prison and told him the whole story. The young’s kinsfolk, when he got out, related the story to the young's family, and thus the news reached me.

• What a hard period!! One of the followers of Sahib uz-Zaman (may Allah hasten his glad arrival) is being sentenced because one of the enemies of that Hazrat has been killed. and during the anniversary of Imam az-Zaman!!

• ”'O Hajj Muhammad Husayn!”, Sayyid Boroojerdi screamed." O Hajj Muhammad Husayn..!'.

The secretary of Sayyid hurried immediately. He then was dictated some lines to be sent to Shah and the Prime Minister, and a third one to Ayatullah Behbahani. Hajj Ahmad conveyed the said letters to Tehran. The telephone was ringing in many places of Tehran, while Sayyid seemed to be attaching a great importance to the case, and looked very serious.

News reached Sayyid, in the mid night of 15th of Sha’aban, informing him that the sentence of death has been annulled, so he thanked Allah very much.

• “You are still awake, Sayyid”?!', one of his relatives asked when he entered the Sayyid's room.

• Thank God, it concluded. Anyhow, whenever I sit alone, I believe that I am quite responsible for the innocents’ bloods and souls which are being violated falsely. What will my answer be on doomsday whether such transgressing went on ahead increasingly?

• What have they done with that poor young?

• They have sentenced him to life imprisonment, promising that he would be freed in the appropriate time.


The sky, in the morning of 15th of Sha’aban, was clear blue, and springtime soft gentle breezes were blowing through and round the alleys, giving new lives to the beings. Many groups of students were intending to go to Sayyid’s house in order to congratulate him. Blessings on the Holy Prophet (S) and his Pure Family (‘a), mixed with glad chants and hymns eulogizing the anniversary birth of Al-Mahdi Al-Munthadhar (May Allah hasten his glad arrival)·

One of the panegyrists, who was eulogizing and praising Sayyid with charming voice, suddenly stopped talking.

• “Sayyid ordered him to stop reciting the poem and sit”, one of the attenders answered Sayyid Taqi who arrived just now.

• What for? He has a nice voice.

• It seems that Sayyid does not like to be praised in personal. as he wants the celebration to be only for the Imam (‘a).

Sayyid Taqi remained silent for a while, then he commented:

• This Sayyid is astonishing me! Last year, during the anniversary of Imam Sadiq (‘a), one of the poets stood up and recited few soft and beautiful verses, that the audience believed he would get a good prize from Sayyid. In fact, some of them had asked Sayyid to do that, but he refused saying that the poet was exaggerating in eulogizing him.

Afterwards, a blind man, who attracted the whole eyes towards him, rose.
• "This is sheikh Yousif who will recite some Davidic chants", Sayyid Taqi whispered.

O soft gentle breeze!
Bring jasmine from the roses of oases

Everyone sent blessings on the Holy Prophet (S) and his Immaculate Family, loudly.

One of the audience whispered:

• Do you study with Sayyid every day?

• "Yes, Why?", Sayyid Taqi answered.

• You are indeed lucky! You are looking at this shiny mien every day. Did you know what has the Egyptian Minister of Awqaf (Religious Endowments) during his visiting the Sayyid? Replying a question [What 's your impression about the Shi'ite Leader?] the mentioned minister (Al-Baqoori) said: "He is the greatest personality I have ever seen in my life". The same minister, showing his expression towards Sayyid, afforded personally the whole costs of publishing the book titled “Al-Mukhtasar Al-Nafi’”, by Al-Muhoqqiq Al-·Hilli in Egypt.

• "Are you dwelling in Qom?', Sayyid Taqi asked with wonder.

• Yes, I am studying the Persian literature. We must be proud of this great man. I have read, few days ago, the complete text of the interview between Sayyid and Architong (the U.N. secretary for striving against alcoholism).

• What was the subject of that interview?

• Sayyid was asked about the reason for considering alcoholic drinks as illegal in Islam. Sayyid answered: "Allah did honoured Man by granting him the sense, putting him on the way of evolution. So, in order to protect such valuable divine gem. Allah had enacted a law so as to save sense from unconsciousness and paralysis. Thus, any drink which makes one to be thoroughly intoxicated. is absolutely Haram (illicit).

The U.N. official was highly influenced by the Sayyid's declaration, so he reported to the press that Islam is the only religion which prohibits alcoholic drink decisively.

• Yes, Sayyid has successfully nourished the religion in Egypt, and Darul Taqreeb Baynel Mathahib7, after intensive contacts and efforts with sheikh Mahmood Sheltoot, declared the Imamate Sect as one of the Islamic legal sects which can be followed by anyone who desires that. Now please excuse me, it's nearly eleven o'clock.

• Eleven? Then I must leave too.

• So, let's go together.

In the way, the master of the Persian literature said:

• By the way, I 've heard about the gift of king Sa'uood for Sayyid Boroojerdi, but I ignore what was it.

• It was a box containing fifteen copies of the Holy Qur'an, a piece of Ka'aba's curtain and some other things which were carried by the special delegate of the King. Sayyid then, accepted the copies of the Holy Qur'an and the piece of the curtain, but he refused to receive the other sendings. He sent a letter to the King expressing his apology in refusing the king's gifts. In the same letter, Sayyid urged the king to do his best in order to keep the union of the Muslims. Of course, I've heard that from one of the employees in Sayyid's office, and the same news was published in the Egyptian Risalat ul-Islam.

The friends then, reached the crossroads. The Persian literature student said:

• Please excuse me. I have to go to Maydan Kuhneh8. Good-bye.

• May Allah protect you.

Higher Than Shah

It was nearly midday. Sayyid Taqi Al-Husayni was sitting in his room presenting the tea cups to his friends who came to visit him.

• "I wish you were attending Usool lectures of Sayyid", Sayyid Taqi murmured with


• Why did Sayyid cancel the afternoon lecture?

• He doesn’t have time. He is always busy. In the morning be teaches Fiqh, in the afternoon is his lesson about Usool, while in the evening be lectures (Al-Rijal). Besides, he receives a lot of letters daily.

Then he has to meet many other people like 'Ulama and governmental officials. In addition to that, he spares some of his time to visit the school inside and outside the country, searching for the students' affairs. Also, there are many mosques and libraries which he temporarily guards. Now he does all that while he is about eighty years old.

• “Is there any piece of bread to be eaten with this tea?', sheikh Ahmad whispered, “We are very hungry".

Another man replied with a note of mockery.

• What are you talking about? Thank God for this tea, otherwise Sayyid Taqi may record the number of tea cups and charge us for them...!

Then Sayyid Ahmad stood up and got a folded table-cloth.

• Hurrah! Hurrah! What a delicious bread…. Now we lack a piece of cheese...!

So, Sayyid Taqi delivered a gloss can, which was on the shelf, and said:

• Please sirs! It is a good meal. isn't it?

• Yes. Today you have proved your generosity.

Everybody laughed... Then Ahmad turned towards Sayyid Taqi. asking:

• Actually, I couldn't attend Fiqh lecture. Have you noted something important?

• Certainly! I will bring you the copy-book.

• Do you know this man, who is fond of Sayyid Boroojerdi, Sayyid Taqi?

• You mean the corpulent one? Waheed Al-Roomi!

• Yes.

• Once, when he was inquired about that, IT heard him saying: I am from the north, and came to Qom to study in the Hawzah. So, Sayyid appointed a monthly salary for him, but he refused to accept it, pretending that he got a land there in the north. One year, the man’s land was affected by drought and he was forced to borrow some money. until his debts became huge. He then began to sell his furniture so that he can pay those debts. At last he was obliged to put his only bed up sale, but he was paid cheap price which does not suffice his debts. So, he became absolutely bewildered. While he was on such state, his door was knocked by Hajj Ahmad who was holding an envelope. He gave him the envelope and went away. When Waheed Al-Roomi opened it, he found a cheque for the whole debts..!

• How did Sayyid know that matter?

• Even Waheed Al-Roomi does not know that. Since then, Sayyid gives him a monthly salary to cover his necessities of life.

• “I myself have witnessed more wonderful event than this one", Sayyid Taqi commented, "You know Mirza Husayn Al-Saqidi Al-Tabrizi who lives in Khak Faraj9.

• Yes, once I 've heard that he and his wife have visited a doc1or because his wife was surprised by the birthpangs. It was very difficult situation. The doctor, with proud note, said: “Your wife and the child would die without my help; therefore, I request you to name your child after my name (Isma’il)', and Mirza Husayn agreed on that. The child remained weak and thin for about two months. Once, Mirza Husayn came to visit Sayyid who commenced asking him: "You look grief-stricken!”. Mirza Husayn told him the child's situation. Sayyid, who was grievously ignorant of the whole story. ordered him to change the name of his baby, and it will be recovered by the will or Allah…

• What happened then?

• He named the child "Emeer”, and after that it became healthy.

• It is indeed wonderful.

Meanwhile, 'Imad Mir Husayni entered the room holding two parcels of books. Sayyid Taqi stood up to welcome him:

• Welcome my dear fellow. Gentlemen! I introduce my dearest friend during my studying in Tabreez. We were living in one room.

So, everyone stood up to welcome the new visitor who then sat near the tablecloth.

• I’ve arrived in the right time. Haven't I? I could meet the minister who was in the room or Boroojerdi. Thank God! At last, I could see a minister before my death.

• “Then you have to thank God because you arc now in the presence of two Ministers” Muhammad Redha said with a smile, "Yes, two ministers, but rather two Shahs.

• Higher than Shah.

After that, Sayyid Taqi spoke to ‘Imad saying:

• Don't be astonished. follow! My friends have hired the upper part of their bodies. Really

we arc belier than ministers, because we didn't sell our furniture for our debts, while those ministers have sold their country.

• "Gentlemen!", Sayyid Taqi said, "Walls have cars. Whosoever plays with the lion's tail he will no doubt gel a smash". With that speech, Sayyid was able to interrupt the political conversation. Then he turned to Mir Husayni and asked him:

• Now tell us, which minister you have met?

• The Minister of Culture accompanied with the editor-in-chief of Ittela’at newspaper.

• Mas'uoodi!

• Yes, Mas'uoodi. Someone there told me that the same minister had kissed the Sayyid’s

hand, but Mas'uoodi didn’t. After thar, Sayyid spoke about the history of press and the first newspaper issued, so everyone became astonished when they heard those fruitful information of Sayyid When the meeting concluded, Mas'uoodi proceeded and kissed Sayyid's hand with honour. Mas'uoodi then said to some of his fellows: “Sayyid was talking about press like a genuine journalist..!

Mirza Ahmad said:

• "In fact, Sayyid is an encyclopedist whose knowledge includes a great varie1y of subjects. Two weeks ago, I was sitting in Sayyid's house waiting for Sayyid Taqi. Then I saw someone coming out of Sayyid 's room. Later I found that the man was the major general Razm Ara who presented his invention which was a compasses refers to Qibla. In the meeting, Sayyid spoke to the major general about different astronomical subjects which amazed him and caused the major general to appreciate Sayyid's personality in a report to one of his escorts saying: I thought that Sayyid is a mujtahid in Fiqh and Usool only, but it seems that he is acquainted with most of the sciences.

At twelve o'clock in the midday, the attenders stood up and dispersed.

Only Sincerity

• “Unfortunately, we have acquired great wealth but we lack the correct distribution. We have a magnificent heritage of narrations which are still hidden inside the books and volumes. By following a careful investment, Islam will certainly spread all over the world. Why don't we get representatives in Europe, America, Africa...etc. Now I began to think that we must send whom they are reliable. to different countries in the world".

Those were Sayyid Boroojerdi's words which were said in the presence of a group of 'Ulama and teachers of Hawzah. Then Sayyid pointed to someone and continued:

• I have sent Sayyid Muhaqqiqi, for instance, to Hamburg and he achieved great success after passing some difficulties occurred mainly by estrangement. Now there are many classes for the Muslims there in which Qur'an and lessons of Ahkam (Islamic rules) arc being studied. The wedding and funeral ceremonies are all being performed according to the Islamic rules. Of course, this project requires huge sums. A house, for example, rents at DM15000 while I was able to send him only DM1OOOO, but the rest was collected by the help of the Muslim merchants there.

The above descrip1ion was a suitable opportunity for Sayyid Muhaqqiqi who explained the problems and difficulties occurred to him in Germany, like moving from a place to another.

Sayyid asked:

• Have you a car?

• Regrettably, I haven 't. When I need a car, I sometime ask my friends' one.

• Sayyid turned to his secretary, Muhammad Husayn:

• Tell the responsible for the financial affairs to provide a car for Sayyid Muhaqqiqi.

Then Sayyid spoke to the whole audience saying:

"Gentlemen! I request you to bring up persons fitted and qualified for the world nowadays. Humble and adherence to duty and knowledge are the most essential matters people are looking for to be in an 'Alim. I received a lot or letters from Indonesia, England, America. France, Africa, the Far East and other countries, all are requesting me to despatch ‘Ulama and missionaries. Unfortunately, some letters remain unanswered for even one year. Uptill now, we could only send Sayyid Al-Balaghi to England, and Sayyid Shari’a to Pakistan, also Al-Faqihi to Medina Munawwarah and Sadr to Lebanon. Besides, I informed sheikh Mahdi Al-Ha’iri to be ready to travel to America. Anyhow, many other countries remained without 'Alim or missionary".

Here, Hajj Ahmad entered holding a tray of tea cups.

Sayyid then, after having a sip from his cup, continued:

• "There is another matter through which I loved to serve you. That is to say consolidating your relation with our brothers, the Sunnites. We all are Muslims and brothers, thus we must not give our enemy any opportunity to intervene and cause sedition or troubles among us. Avoid everything which may produce disunity within our religion. Please inform everybody to co-operate with our brothers in the time of pilgrimage, and pay great attention to some matters like our using Turbah10, because the enemies of Islam are distributing that we are prostrating for Turbah rather than dust. Today, we have got good relationship with our sunni brothers, but we are still aiming for more improvement. I recommended Sayyid Qommi, who works in Darul Taqreeb in Egypt, to do his best for the unity”

Sayyid added:

• "The third matter which I would like to mention here, is that we have to encourage everyone who want to serve lslam, in order to show the others that there are some people who indeed appreciate their deeds and efforts, even those who are not Muslims. I request everyone to inform me about the schools which pay special attention to the rules so that we can support them financially to improve their scientific and educational programs”.

• “We thank God for a person like…, sheikh Muhsin wanted to comment with admiration,

but he was interrupted by Sayyid who continued:

• Would you stop repeating your old words?

I am only telling the truth. One of my friends had told me saying:' I met Ayatullah lsafani during the last days of his life in Baalbek (Heliopolis), I said to him: O Sayyid! Death is certain. He replied: That's right, but what do you mean? I said: Who will take the responsibility of Shi’ites after you? So he pointed to his turban and said: I was ordered to guard this, and Al-Boroojerdi will continue that after me…!'

sheikh Muhsin went on, saying:

• Thus, Sayyid when I hear your words, I remember Isfahani's words (may Allah have mercy upon him).

Sayyid murmured, after bowing his head:

• If you are the one who will reckon me on the doomsday. my reckoning will be so easy. Allah, who looks at the inward of the selves will reckon me, and he does not look at the outward of the matters. He looks at the sincerity in performing a deed. On that day, sincerity will be the only way for rescue.

The Blessed Presence

Hajj Murtadha Soohani, who was then sipping his tea, said:

• Thank God, it was the will and desire of Allah, otherwise Qom is so far from Boroojerd. For long years, we got neither water nor electricity or even paved roads...But now, the pipes of water and electricity are everywhere in the city. The situation of the hospitals has been so much improved. Masjid A’dham11 is now under serious erection. May Allah elongate his life, he does his best to help others. He always blames his students for hiding their problems from him.

Karbala-i Husayn shaked his head agreeing with Hajj Soohani, and said:

• He refuses any present from the poor. Yesterday, I saw Mirza Kadhim Dawatchi. He was very sick. So, I told Sayyid about it, and he gave me some money to give it to Mirza Kadhim who told me that he got three drafts from Sayyid up to now. So, I asked him to inform Sayyid who maybe heedless of that But Sayyid answered: I know that, I felt that you needed it.

Hajj Murtadha, with a smile, said:

• The purchasing power is increasing these days because of the coming religious scholars to Qom. They are now more than six thousand, while the pilgrims are also visiting the Holy Shrine here in a huge number every year.

• Why you say that? Don't you know that we occasionally pay a lot of drafts to Sayyid in order to be expensed in many religious ways?

A man, meanwhile enters, and thus the conversations was cut.

The Immortal Memories

Sayyid, whose elder son Muhammad Husayn was looking at a newspaper, was having his breakfast.

• Aren't you going to have your breakfast?

• I feel quite satisfied, father.

Then he continued referring to a news in the paper:

• Listen to this news, father:"Ayatullah Boroojerdi, and according to the medical world, is the only one who reads without wearing an eyeglass, in spite that he has reached the eighth decade of his life'.

• "Thank God", Sayyid whispered.

After that, Sayyid leant upon a pillow, and said:

• That is one of Imam Husayn's(‘a) blessings. I have kept three memories from Boroojerd; the firs: Once I was afflicted with a severe eye disease that no doctor could cure me. When the month of Muharram came, as usual the ‘Ashoora ceremonies began. Some were dying their heads with mud. I was then crying for the calamity of Karbala, so 1 stood up and had few of that mud and put it on my eyes. Since then, I didn't get eye disease.

• And what about the second memory, father?

• The second one is when I once was riding my ass. In the way, the animal stumbled and I fell on my right band, so my thumb broke and I wasn't able to write with my right hand.

• For that reason you began to write with your left hand father?

• Yes, after regular drills. While the third memory is that I used to reproach any student for his speaking during the lesson. So, I vowed that if I did that again I would fast for one complete year. The days passed, and once I reproached a student ignorantly, so I fasted for one year I have promised.

• A complete year!?

• Yes son.

In an attempt to change the subject. Sayyid’s son said:

• By the way, what about the issue of the agrarian reform?

• You must rather call it the agrarian destruction. Shah is intending to destroy the agriculture of the country. He sent me a telegram about that, and I advised him not to follow on that project. Then he dispatched his prime minister in an attempt to convince me. The prime minister and other ministers talked saying that many Islamic countries have performed such reform except Iran. I answered them: Those countries have changed their royal regimes, and if Iran wants to follow them, it must first change its monarchy. Thus, they got no response for my comment. and then they went.

• By the way, father, one or the 'Ulama of Gorgan12 asked me about your compilations saying that Sayyid lacks such books in spile of Sayyid’s reputation. Mirza Husayn told him: On the contrary, Sayyid has a lot of books. Of them are: Hashiyah ‘ala Kifayetil Usool; Hashiyah ‘ala Nihayetul sheikh Al-Tusi; and some other commentaries on Mustedrekat Fihristil sheikh Muntajabil Ameen Al-Razi, and commentaries on Kitab Al-Mabsoot (a book deals with Shi’ite learned families).and an epistle in regard with the source of As-Sahifah. Another book titled [Mustedrekun Fil Rijal Al-sheikh], some books regarding the sources of books such as Tahtheeb, Man La Yehdherhul Faqih, Al-Istibsar, Al-Khisal, Al-Amali, Tajreed Asaneedd ‘Ilalul Shara’i, Fihristil Sheikh Al-Kafi, a book in Fiqh (from Tahareh to Diyyeh). Then Tabreezi told him that Sayyid has called some 'Ulama to compile a book in the Shi'ite traditions.

The man became astonished and asked: Then, why don't Sayyid print his books? Mirza Husayn answered saying: Sayyid thinks that there exist many books which should be published first. So, more than three hundred books have been published until now (namely since fourteen years). Then that 'Alim showed his desire to publish the Sayyid's books if the latter gave him a permission.

Sayyid lifted his head:

• Tell that 'Alim that the book Jami'ul Ahadeeth has been prepared for print.

Then Sayyid stood up and went to his library.

Yoghurt And Cucumber

The time was the evening of the 15th of Ramadhan.

Sayyid Taqi was in the house of Mirza Husayn Al-·Tabreezi having Fatoor. Mirza presented a cup of tea for his guest:

• This tea is mixed with cardamoms. specially prepared for Sayyid Taqi.

Sayyid Taqi was then having his porridge made of meat. He said:

• One month passed since Sayyid became absent from attending the congregational prayer, isn't that right?

• Yes, that was on 15th of Sha'aban during the opening of masjid A'dham’s library, when Sayyid stumbled in his house yard, and so his right leg became seriously injured and his foot thumb broke too. Therefore, Sayyid was forced to stay in bed. But today he went to masjid 'Adham and led the noon and afternoon prayer.

• So, has the library been inaugurated?

• Of course not! This matter was discussed today, and it was decided that new inviting cards for the 7th of Shawwal should be printed.

• May Allah grant him healthy very soon. ln fact we all are forever in Sayyid's debt. Lately, he began to read the newspapers. and if he found in them something disagrees with Islam, he gives it a suitable answer. Few days ago, Sayyid read a report in an Egyptian magazine which he absolu1ety denied and refuted it. So, be ordered one of the 'Ulama to prepare an appropriate response to the writer of that essay.

Before that, he read another report in an Indian magazine saying that other religions, particularly Buddhism have highly influenced Islam! Sayyid then, and speaking to the whole 'Ulama, said: "Do not stop like that! Answer them". Also, you may remember, when some persons from on extremist sect have attacked a woman in Yazd, killing her children and then fled. This accident made Sayyid very worried and unquiet He immediately made his contacts with different sources, until the corrupt gang fell in the hands of justice, and some of them were sentenced to death.

• A man like Boroojedi, who receives huge sums from everywhere but he abstains to touch them, instead he distributed them in various canals without having some of them for him. is indeed an honourable and pure man. He gets his living from his land in Boroojerd. I remember, once I and his son-in-law entered his room without prior notice, we found him having his lunch which was only cucumber and yoghurt.

His son-in-law protested saying; "Isn't there any other food better than this. You are an old man, and you should have foods which are rich in vitamins”. Sayyid answered with an unforgettable statement, saying: "I have accustomed myself on this kind of food for eighty years. You want me to change it now?".

• Why you stopped eating? You didn't eat very well!

• Thank God. May Allah bless you all and have mercy upon your ancestors.

• May Allah have mercy upon the whole believers.

While folding the table-cloth, he continued:

• Whatever we speak about this man. we are unable to fulfill. According to my information, he has contributed in building or repairing more than one hundred and thirty-four building in Tehran, and more than one thousand masjids, schools, hospitals, public libraries and even bathrooms, in Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Africa and Europe...Even so, his food was only cucumber and yoghurt!

• We ask Allah by the high rank of Imam Husayn (‘a) whose birthday anniversary is

tonight, to elongate Sayyid's life and bless it.

• By the way, 1 have talked with Sayyid regarding the charitable deed which you have told me about, and Sayyid said:

• “Give me the estimate sum needed for that and I will write a draft”. Now, how much do you think it needs?

• I shall leave that to you.

• Try to give me some numbers, then come early tomorrow morning. while I will prepare the Sayyid's draft, then go and bring your bride soonest possible. My congratulations for you both.

• Thank you very much. Excuse, I have to leave.

• I will be waiting for you tomorrow morning.

• May Allah protect you…

  • 1. In Ray, south of Tehran
  • 2. Hazrat Ma’soomah (Fatimah) the noble learned and daughter of Imam Musa ibn Ja’far (‘a).
  • 3. The ninth month of the Persian solar calendar.
  • 4. The seventh month of the Persian solar calendar.
  • 5. Interpretation of the Holy Qur’an.
  • 6. A book deals with Fiqh.
  • 7. The House of ‘Approaching between the Sects’.
  • 8. Literally: The old square, a known place.
  • 9. A well-known quarter in Qom city.
  • 10. A piece of clay used in prayer for prostration.
  • 11. One of the most significant mosques in Iran. It is situated exactly next to the Holy Shrine of Hazrat Ma’soomah (‘a) in Qom. The dome of the mentioned mosque said to be the greatest among other mosques in Iran.
  • 12. A northern city of Iran