The cultural assault rests on two bases: first, humiliating the original culture. and second. Encouraging the successor foreign culture. Through this culture withdrawal and disgracing the genuine culture, a society may feel to be despised in comparison with the others, heedless of its own culture and its peerless containments of treasures, begging the strangers and offering its civilization very cheap.

This was the wicked manner adopted by the Pahlavi dynasty, to initiate its vicious policy during its intercourse with the West, which declared it as the deity of civilization and art, even of morals and religion, regarding the Orient as an example and source of rudeness and retardation, or at least to be called “The Third world”.

Unfortunately, that Satanic policy was too efficient, to some extent. Thus, the western world and its attitude imagined to be the world of freedom, human rights and the defender of democracy, in the public eye, especially the youth. Yet, the facts became as clear as noonday, and the era of the Islamic resurgence emerged, the era which returned masses to the pure nature and disposition, to the Holy Qur'an and real dogma and its elements in spite of the glittering and brilliant victorious achievements occurred due to the Islamic revolution led by Imam Khomeini (Q.S), notwithstanding the culture and mental assault can be seen in various sensitive and important fields, still suffering from 1hc western abnormal effects.

The educational certificates of the West, for example. arc seducing many to this time. and the medicine that does not hold eminent and illustrious western marks has actually no effective influence.

Yet. a lot of Western evidences are still firmly rooted in our land, meanwhile, the West is still selecting the style of clothes for us, determining the kinds of medals awarded to the winning athletes. Not only that, but also, we expect it to distribute the literary prizes beloved by all. In any case, is it that we regard the West as our unique and lone model and standard? That West whose ill-favoured intention with its void motion has been known by everyone, with its false claims in defending the democracy and human rights? What are the reasons for such feelings of inferiority towards the 15th A.H. century executioners?

It is the West itself that awards its literary prizes to the impolite characters like Salman Rushdie, while it withholds the Muslim genius students from participating in the Olympiads of physics. We, unfortunately, are still looking at that West as our ideal, despite its repulsive and abhorrent policy in regard with apartheid. The Islamic world should seriously collaborate to establish an "Islamic international System" and deprive all connections between it and the western slogans and pretension. to democracy, freedom and human rights.

Can we count, therefore. on the West, while we are witnessing the catastrophic scenes coming over the Islamic countries, such as: [Bosnia-Herzegovina]. [Algeria], [Palestine]? Let those whom the Muslims’ affairs may concern them know frankly that a quick return to the warm and kind wings of the Holy Qur'an and his intimate patronage is indeed unavoidable. [Meeting The Pious] series is then a practical attempt and earnest endeavor to return to our genuine identity, through the concise biography of Islamic culture starts. Those colossi whose scientific horizons may inundate the leaders of other ideological dogmas and well-known thinkers. One of the sensitive questions that disturbs and robs the West’s sleep is the serious return of the Islamic nation to its identity, to its leading figures, to those who have paved the way of Islam by their honest contribution,

The "Meeting The Pious" staff has made a pledge to investigate the biographies of seventy glittering stars of the high Islamic sphere, presenting them as lofty shinning characters who struggled to rebuild the Islamic civilization.

Baqir il ‘Uloom Research Foundation