Words Of Wisdom

Hazrat Ali (a.s.) said:

I cannot understand how a person can slander and asperse another man for vices and sins. Does he not remember how the merciful God has covered and concealed his sins and vices, which were of greater enormity that those of the person he is exposing? How can he vilify another man when he himself is guilty of similar ones? And if he had not committed the same type of sins, his other wickedness and offences could be of greater magnitude. Even if he had not committed major sins, and his offences against God and the religion are minor ones, he must remember that vilifying, slandering and backbiting others are major sins.

O Man! Do not hasten in libeling and reviling another man, for his sins might have been forgiven and do not lighten the gravity and seriousness of your own minor sins because you may be punished for those.

When a person knows the defects of another person, he must abstain from slandering him. He must remember his own flaws and shortcoming – which he carefully tries to hide and conceal from the public view. If he finds that he is free from those sins committed by the other person, he must be busy thanking God for this virtue – instead of disparaging others.

O People, whoever among you knows for sure about the sincerity in religion and piety of character of his brother must not lend his hears when the person is vilified, and must not encourage slander against him. Remember that the best archer may sometimes miss his mark, but arrows of slander and aspersions very seldom miss their targets and their consequences are always ruinous.

O People, blessed is he who feels so much for his own shortcomings that he has no heart and no time to probe the vices of others. Happy is the man who leads a retired life; is contended with what he gets; spends his time in the service of God and religion; is sorry for his past sins and vices; and spends his time such that none is injured or harmed by him.
(Extract From Nahjul Balaghah)

Imam Hasan (a.s.) said:

When a nation practise mutual consultations it receives proper guidance

The virtue that has no tinge of evil is being grateful (to God) for blessings and being patient during distresses.

Imam Hussain (a.s.) said:

Goodness is like the rain which reaches the good and the bad ones alike.

Beware ! Do not be unjust to a person who has no supporter except Allah

It is the proven sign of one’s popularity if he keeps the company of wise men.

Imam Zainul 'Abideen (a.s.) said:

One who considers his (own) self as great, considers the world as inferior.

And verily, God has never blessed those who sow discord, be they of the past or of posterity.

The essence of all virtues lies in keeping one's own nafs (self) away from evil.

Being good to your neighbours and living in peace with them are the causes for increase of your wealth and happiness in your homes.

A woman cannot fulfill her duties towards Allah until she has fulfilled her duties towards her husband. Hold your children in high esteem and teach them good manners.