The Interest in Islam

Nowadays, a noticeable interest in Islam is being shown in many parts of the world. Many Muslims wish to know more about Islam and Non-Muslims wish to learn more of it for the first time. They inquire about the teachings of Islam, this great religion with millions of followers and its differentiation regarding other religions. This interest is visible among the youth of the West, especially in the many seminars held to study Islam, alone and/or comparatively.

Islamic Centre of Hamburg

The Islamic Centre of Hamburg is set up to intensify this interest and to provide all interested people with better possibilities to understand Islam. This may be achieved by the publication of booklets in various languages which will make available the teachings of Islam to the inquiring minds of our time.

Therefore, we have decided to publish several brochures about the main subjects of Islam.They will Make, altogether, a comprehensive book about Islam. The first issue is published in English, German, Arabic, Turkish, and Persian. It contains a lecture given on Islam by the Imam of «Islamic Centre Hamburg» to the Epiphany Community Hamburg on October 14, 1965 and to the students 'Corps Rhenania.

Hamburg on October 29, 1965.

This is the beginning and we hope to continue our work with the help of God and the support of all those who are interested in such a great purpose.

Hamburg, December 13, 1966 A. D., Ramazan I, 1386. A.H.
Islamic Centre of Hamburg