In the Name of Allah, the Most Compassionate and the Most Merciful, and benediction and peace be upon the noblest of messengers, our master and Mawlā Muhammad and his good and pure Progeny.

And then, religion basically, depends upon the doctrines that constitute the principles and cornerstones in which the followers of every religion believe. Also their belief in them should be established on a decisive evidence, and explicit proof that emanates from the rational intuitions in which all people believe, so that it can convince people to believe in what it calls them to. Despite all this, there are several ideas whose explanation is uneasy for all scholars, as it is difficult for reason ('Aql) to believe in them at first blush.

There are examples for this, one is the fire's being coolness and peace while science and intellect concur on its being pernicious heat, and the birds being cut into scattered parts on the hills, and on calling them they come in haste, whereas it can’t be easily believed by knowledge and intellect; or that the blind and the leper being healed through only a wipe by “(the hand of)” Jesus (‘a). Or rather even raising the dead, while all this cannot be well interpreted by knowledge and reason. All of these cases can be classified under the framework of the miracles that the Almighty Allah has made His prophets (peace be upon them) to do and show to people, in which Muslims, Jews and Christians believe.

Allah — the Glorified and Exalted — has appointed His prophets and messengers (upon whom be the best benediction and peace) to perform those miracles and supernatural acts, with the only aim to make people apprehend the fact that their minds being short of realizing and having full knowledge of everything, since He, the Glorified, has never given him but a little knowledge. In this fact may lie their interest and relative perfection, as so many people have been ungrateful toward Allah’s bounties, with many even negating the Almighty’s existence, and many others have held knowledge and reason so dear that they worshipped them other than Allah, despite their little knowledge and short-mindedness. How would it be then if He had granted them the knowledge of everything?!

Due to the importance of the creed and its centralism in the Muslim’s faith, my book has covered an ample of Islamic doctrines cited in the Holy Qur’ān and Prophetic Sunnah that constituted a scene for the differences among the Islamic schools of thought. So, I have dedicated a complete chapter for the beliefs of Ahl al-Sunnah and the Shi‘ah in the Holy Qur’ān and Prophetic Sunnah, then I exposed the issues on which they had long controversies, and each party was unjustifiably reviling the other, with the aim of exposing what I saw to be the truth, desiring to help all truth-seekers.

All I hope is that my work will contribute in the establishment of the Islamic unity on a solid thought basis. I implore Allah to help us all to do what He likes and is pleased with, and that He keeps all Muslims in agreement on the right path, He is the Mighty, the Able.