All Prayers and No Work

A caravan of Hajis came from Makkah to Madina. Imam Ja'far al-Sadiq [a] lived in the city of Madina. The Hajis decided to go to the Imam to pay their respects. They went to him and saluted him. They were most welcomed. The Imam asked them to tell him about their journey.

One of the travellers praised one of companions very much. He said that his companion was very pious. He was sincere. He did not abuse anybody. He spent all his time praying.

The Imam asked:-

“What is he doing for his living? What work does he do?”

The traveller replied:-

“Sir, he does no work. He only prays.”

Again the Imam asked:

“Who was feeding his camel?”

The traveller replied:

“We used to do that Sir”

The Imam said: “He is not good. He must work. He should not put his burden upon others. All you, those who worked for him, are more pious than him.”


One should work to earn his living.