To Bring A Fool to His Senses

Hazrat Isa, (known in English as Jesus) was once seen running away from a man. People were surprised to see him running away. Hazrat Isa did not run away from anything or anybody. He was known for his goodness, humbleness and friendliness.

They asked him: “Isa, why are you running away from that man?”

Hazrat Isa replied: “I am running away from a fool”.

People were still more surprised They knew that Hazrat Isa was a prophet. He had cured the sick. He had even brought the dead to life. So they said: “But Isa, you have power to bring dead to life.”

Hazrat Isa smiled and said: “True, I have brought dead to life. But I find it difficult to bring a fool to his senses.”


1. It is necessary to understand who is wise and who is a fool.

2. It is indeed difficult to bring a fool to his senses.