Who has seen God?

Who has seen God?

Neither I nor you;

But when I look at sky

And see birds fly;

When I see rivers flow AND trees grow

I know somebody made them so;

With care and love

None but God above.

Who made first seed?

Said the little tree

Me, do you see

I was a little seed

Hidden deep

In the earth away

Not known to the night or day

As I drank dew

Inside I grew

I put the root

Grew up a tiny shoot

In the sun I play

In the wind I sway

I bathe in the rain

And in strength I gain

But as I grow and grow

I must know

Who made my seed

And from it got me freed

Tell me my little kid

Who made the first seed?

Laughed the little kid

And said with all the speed

You little pod!

Don't you know God?

He made me

And you little tree.