After shedding the spotlight on the beautiful Hadeeth Al Kisaa which was narrated by Lady Fatima (AS), Master Lady of the universe and the daughter of the Prophet (SA), it is clear that The Almighty Creator has designed the story of the Tradition of the Cloak to set the stage for the revelation of the Qur’anic verse of Purification in Surat Al Ahzaab (V.33).

This verse is a divine declaration of the complete purification (Tat-heer) and infallibility (‘Ismah) of the Prophet (SA) and his household. Hadeeth al Kisaa is the manifestation of both Irada al Takweeniya (universal or absolute will) and Irada Tashree’eya (legislative will) with the process of Tat-heer (purification) which accompanies ‘Ismah (infallibility). The station of infallibility dictates that those covered by the blanket of infallibility act as “proofs” on earth, and therefore that indicates the position of Imamate.

As Imam Al Kadhem (AS) has explained, there are two types of Proofs (Hujjah); the manifested proof (Hujjah Dhahera) and the latent proof (Hujjah Batena). The manifested proof is represented by the prophets, messengers, and Imams. And the latent proof is represented by the intellect (‘Aql) which Allah (SWT) has bestowed to humans so that they can discern and differentiate between truth from falsehood.

The teachings of Islam direct us to take whatever agrees with the Holy Qur’an and to disregard whatever contradicts it. It is the God-given intellect which acts as a judge; however it cannot do so without the acquisition of pure knowledge. That bank of untainted knowledge must come from the purest source and that source is none other than the Members of the Cloak represented by the Prophet (SA) and his purified progeny.

There is no creation better in Allah’s eyes than the Members of the Cloak and they are Muhammad, Ali, Fatima, Hasan, and Husain who collectively represent the Infallible Imams from the lineage of Husain ibn Ali (AS).

Each and every member of the purified household of the Prophet (SA) - those who were present under the cloak and those who came afterwards till the last 12th Awaited Imam (may Allah hasten his reappearance) – represent the whole purified progeny of the Prophet (SA) and they are a reflection of one and the same message which the Prophet (SA) sought to deliver and propagate to all of mankind.

Opposing or attacking any member is equivalent to doing so to all the members of the Prophet’s household. And the opposite in behavior is also true.

This important point can better be appreciated upon reflecting on this narration, that a companion of Imam Al Sadiq (AS) asked him, “Oh son of the Messenger of Allah, how was the day of A'shura a greater tragedy, calamity, and event of mourning, compared to the day when the Prophet (SA) departed this life, and the day when Lady Fatima (AS) passed away, and the day when Imam Ali (AS) was killed, and the day when Imam Al Hasan was poisoned to death.”

Then he said, “The day of Imam Husain is the greatest tragedy compared to the rest of the days. That is because the Members of the Cloak who were the best creation to Allah (SWT) are five in number. When the Prophet (SA) departed this world, Imam Ali, Fatima, Hasan, and Husain (Peace be upon them) were left and they were a source of consolation to the people. When Lady Fatima (AS) passed away, Imam Ali, Hasan, and Husain were the consolation to others.

And when Imam Ali (AS) was martyred, the people were comforted by the presence of Hasan and Husain. Even when Imam Hasan (AS) departed this life, Imam Husain (AS) was the source of comfort and solace. But when Husain (AS) was also martyred, it was as if they all (members of the cloak) left and departed this world, just as his existence was tantamount to the continuity of their existence. For that reason, the fateful day of Imam Husain (AS) was the greatest tragedy.”

The Prophet (SA) and his purified household are the purpose of the divine creation and the means by which a creature may seek proximity to God and truly worship Him as an obedient servant. The greatest victory lies with the purified household of the Prophet (SA) and those who desire to be encompassed by that victory must submit to their immaculate shade.

The gift of intercession is indeed for the Shi’as and lovers of the AhlulBayt (AS) if they fulfill their obligations towards Allah (SWT) such that it is narrated that Lady Fatima (AS) will pick her loyal Shi'as like a bird picking fine seeds from amongst the present people. May Allah (SWT) grant us the intercession of Lady Fatima and her father, her husband, and her purified sons by the blessings of that secret which has been hidden within her!