Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem

The Tradition of the Cloak (Hadeeth Al Kisaa) is an authentic and frequently narrated (Mutawatir) tradition that has been cited by recognized Islamic sources in the major schools of thoughts in Islam in the books of exegesis, tradition, and history. The Tradition of the Cloak is further validated by its agreement and consistency with the Holy Qur’an and its teachings, direction, and essence.

No one can deny or doubt that this great tradition came to us from the Holy Prophet (SA) in honor of his purified Household (AhlulBayt). There are slight variations in the way that this tradition is relayed; however, the core of the tradition in its meaning and essence is the same. The significance behind this event points to the fact that the Prophet (SA) intended to apply the verse of Purification (Ayat Al Tat-heer) on these holy personalities under the cloak, as he aimed to confirm that they are the ones meant and intended in the holy verse and not anyone else.

Some of us hear this tradition being recited in gatherings at the mosque or at the commencement of Islamic programs. But do we all recognize and fully understand the obvious and latent meanings behind the details of this of this great event? We take this opportunity to begin in the name of Allah (SWT) in an attempt to shed the spotlight on this beautiful narration with the hope of extracting some jewels of lessons for our benefit and the benefit of our fellow believers.