Lady Fatima Al Zahra – The 2nd Narrator

عن فاطمة الزهراء ( عليها السَّلام ) بنت رسول الله ( صلَّى الله عليه و آله )

Jabir ibn Abdullah Al Ansari, the trustworthy companion of the Holy Prophet (SA) narrates Hadeeth Al Kisaa directly from the pure tongue of the Master Lady of the Universe, Lady Fatima Al Zahra, the beloved daughter of the Seal of Messengers. Her esteemed status and immaculate personality cannot be questioned and is not in need for introduction. Her infallibility and purity has been demonstrated in countless occasions in history such as the Event of Mubahala, and in many verses in the Qur’an such as the Verse of Qurba (42:22), Surat Al Insaan, and Surat Al Kawthar. Since she is the narrator of this tradition and knowing her status of infallibility, everything she relates to us is the complete truth without any doubt in any of the details presented.

There has been difference in opinion as to whether the event of the Tradition of the Cloak took place in the house of Lady Fatima (AS) or Umm Salamah, a wife of the Prophet (SA). The answer to that is that this event took place in the house of Fatima (AS) and she is the narrator as the event is told by her tongue. She narrates that the Prophet (SA) entered her presence, and then following him, her husband Imam Ali (SA) and her sons Hasan and Husain (AS).

It follows logically that it must have been her home that they entered and not the house of Umm Salamah. One may question what difference it makes whether the event took place in either house as it doesn’t change or affect the overall story. That is true; however, if the Tradition of the Cloak took place in the home of Umm Salamah, some Muslims may have brought forth the argument that the virtue of infallibility and purification also includes the wives of the Prophet (SA).

The fact that the Prophet (SA) declined the request of Umm Salamah to enter the cloak, as we will see later, although he acknowledged her positive status and that she is “good”, eliminates the idea that the wives are included among the People of the Cloak.