The present book is a collection of the lectures delivered by a well- known religious scholar named Mr. Hajj Sayyid Muhammad ibn al-Ridha Khansary which have been delivered in sessions with religious students and scholars in Khansar. The material presented in this book constitutes the lectures delivered by him in recent years during which he has been suffering from old age, weak sight and an inability to read or write.

He merely relied on his memory for these lectures. The present book was published since it contains very valuable religious material presented in a most simple form. The book was reviewed by several noble religious scholars from the religious school in Khansar and then its publication was authorized by Mr. Hajj Aqa Khansary.

Abalfazl’s Sermon on top of the Ka’ba before the Tragedy of Karbala

In the lunar year 60 A.H. on the day of Tarvia Abal Fazl Al-Abbas climbed up on top of the Ka'ba and delivered the following sermon:

Praise be to God who honored this Holy House (Ka'ba) with the birth of his1 father Ali (a.s.) in it - the House which was just God's House before, has now turned into the direction of Qibla (towards which we pray) by the nobility of the Commander of the Faithful Ali (a.s.). O lustful and corrupt atheists! Are you blocking the way for the pilgrimage of the Divine Leader of the best of the people? Who deserves to visit the Ka'ba more than he (a.s.) does? Who is closer to than him (a.s.) to the Ka'ba? Were it not for the apparent wisdom, hidden secrets and Divine trials, the Ka'ba would have gone to circumambulate the Imam (a.s.), before he (a.s.) walked towards it. The people kiss the Hajar, but the Hajar kisses his hands. Were it not that my Master's will was based upon Divine destiny, I would have rushed into you as an angry eagle attacks little flying sparrows does and would have taken away your lives. O coward people! Are you trying to scare a tribe whose childful games are playing with death? How do you think they get when they become adults? I swear that I would sacrifice the lives of my dearest ones for him instead of offering animals for sacrifice. Woe! Look carefully and see whether you follow one who drinks wine or one who owns the Pond, and the Kauthar? Do you follow one in whose house there are drunk singers or one in whose house there are revelations and the Holy Quran? Do you follow the one in whose house there are lustful conceptions and deeds, or one in whose house there is purity and verses (of the Quran)? You have fallen into the same error in which the Quraish had fallen. They wished to kill God's Prophet (S) and you wish to kill the son of the daughter of God's Prophet (S). It was not possible for them to kill God's Prophet (S) as long as the Commander of the Faithful Ali (a.s.) was alive! How then is it possible for you to kill Abi Abdullah al-Husayn (a.s.) as long as I am alive? Let me show you how to kill him. Kill me and chop off my neck. Only then you may attain your goal. May God not let you attain your goals for which you have united; and shorten your lives and the lives of your children. May God damn you and your grandfathers.

Source: Manaqib Sadat al-Karam by Sayed Ain al-Arefeen Hindi

الحمد لله الذي شرف هذا بقدوم أبيه من كان بالأمس بيتاً أصبح قبلة. أيها الكفرة الفجرة أئصدون طريق البيت لإمام البررة من ثو أحق به من سائر البرية؟ ومن هو أدنى به؟ ولولا حكم الله الجلية وأسراره العلية واختباره البرية لطار البيت إليه قبل أن يمشي لديه قد استسلم الناس الحجر والحجر يستلم يديه ولو لم تكن مشية مولاي مجبولة من مشية الرحمن ، لوقعت عليكم كالسفر الغضبان على عصافير الطيران. أتحون قوما يلعب بالموت في الطفولية فكيف كان في الرجولية؟ ولفديت بالحمامات لسيد البريات دون الحيوانات. هيهات فانطروا ثم انظروا ممن شارب الخمر وممن صاحب الحوض والكوثر؟ وممن في بيته الغواني السكران وممن في بيته الوحي والقرءان؟ وممن في بيته اللهوات والدنسات وممن في بيته التطهير والأيات. وأنتم وقعتم في الغلطة التي قد وقعت فيها القريش لأنهم اردُوا قتل رسول الله صلى الله عليه وأله وأنتم تريدون قتل ابن بنت نبيكم ولا يُمكن لهم ما دام أمير المؤمنين (ع) حيا وكيف يُمكن لكم قتل أبي عبد الله الحسين (ع) ما دُمت حيا سليلا؟ تعالوا اخبركم بسبيله بادروا قتلى واضربوا عُنقي ليحصل مُرادكم وبددا عماركم وأولادكم ولعن الله عليكم وعلى أجدادكم.

  • 1. Referring to Imam Al-Husayn (a.s.).