4. Social Affairs

4. موضوعات اجتماعية

Fifty Years

How should I reprimand others? When I know that my own actions are incorrect

For someone who has reached the age of fifty years and did not get guided to the right path, there is no hope for his salvation; because he himself has taken himself towards downfall by choosing to stay away from the right path

Why shouldn’t I judge myself fairly, before judging others?

Doomed am I if my advices save others but for me they remain a bunch of rhyming words and tunes.1

ذو خمسين سنة

أَأَقصُدُ بالمَلاَمَةٍ قَصدَ غَيري

وَ أَمرِي کُلُّهُ بَادِي الخِلاَفِ

إذَا عَاشَ امرُوزٌ خَمسِينَ عَاماً

وَ لَم يرَفِيهِ آثارُ العَفَافِ

فَلاَ يرجَي لَهُ أَبداً رَشَادٌ

فَقَد أَردَي بِنِيتِه التَّجافِي

وَ لِمَ لاً أَبذُلُ الإنصَافَ مِنِّي

وَ أَبلُغُ طَاقَتِي فِي الإنتِصَافِ

لِي الوَيلاَتُ إن نَفَعَت عِظَاتي

سِوَاي وَ لَيسَ لي إلاَّ القَوَافِي

Friendship for the Sake of God

If you make a promise of brotherhood and friendship with someone; adjust your relation with him in accordance with God’s orders. Don’t give importance to anything other than piety. Keep yourself away from deviation and sins

I am wondering, how can you expect happiness from this world? When you know that your life is going to end

As far as I remember, worldly happiness is always mixed with cries and pains

Human being is really blind not to see the transient nature of this world and this blindness has also made his heart turn a deaf ear.2

ولاء في سبيل الله

وَ إن صَافَيتَ أو خَالَلتَ خلّلاً

فَفِي الرَّحمنِ فَاجعَل مَن تُؤاخِي

وَ لاَ تَعدِل بِتَقوَي اللهِ شَيئاً

وَ دَع عَنکَ الضَّلالَهََ و التَّرَاخِي

فَکَيفَ تَنَالُ في الدُّنيا سُرُوراً

وَأيامُ الحَياةِ إلي انسِلاخِ

وَ إنَّ سُرُورَها فِيمَا عَهِدنَا

مَشُوبٌ بِالبُکاءِ وَ بِالصُّرَاخِ

فَقَد عَمِي ابنُ آدَمَ لا يرَاهَا

عَمَي أَفضَي إلَي صَمَمِ الصِّمَاخِ

Be Merciful to People

It is said that Abdul Rahman Salmi taught Surah al-Hamd to Imam Hossein’s (as) son and as he recited for his father; Imam Husayn (as) gifted a thousand dinars and a thousand robes and presented a large amount of jewels to him,

When somebody asked him about the reason for showing so much gratitude, he (as) said: How can my gratitude be equal to this kind of recitation of Surah al-Hamd? And recited these couplets

When the world shows you a gratitude which is in favour of you; you should gift it to the people as soon as possible, before it slips away suddenly from your hands

Neither your gratitude will destroy the wealth, nor can your misery can keep.3

تسامح بالناس

إذَا جَادَتِ الدُّنيا عَلَيکَ فَجُدبِهَا

عَلَي النَّاسِ طُرّاً قَبلَ أَن تَتَفَلَّت

فَلاَ الجُودُ يفنِيهَا إذَا هِي أَقبَلَت

وَلاَ البُخلُ يبقِيهَا إذَا مَا تَولَّت

فَما لََکَ غَير تَقوي اللهِ حِرُزٌ

ولاوزرٌ وَ ما لَکَ مِن غِساثٌ

Seeking Sustenance only from God

Every time you face hard times in life, don’t supplicate in front of others because it is Allah who provides your livelihood and daily bread (not them)

If you remain alive and travel to the far most places of the east and west of this world, you won’t be able to find anybody who could make you fortunate or unfortunate except Allah.4

فقر الي الله

إذَا مَا عَضَّکَ الدَّهرُ

فَلاَ تَجنَح إلَي خَلقٍ

وَ لاَ تَسأَل سِوَي اللهِ

تَعَالَي قَاسِمِ الرِّزقِ

فَلَو عِشتَ وَ طَوَّفتَ

مِنَ الغَربِ إلَي الشَّرقِ

لَمَا صَادَفتَ مَن يقدِ

ر أن يسعَدَ أَو يشقِي

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