Author’s Preface

At age eleven, I would attend a religious session during holy nights of Ramadhan, along with my father. In that session, the late Ayatollah Sayyid Muhammad Lali Zari, who was a reverend scholar, would enlighten people with an eloquent speech. He would also recite the holy supplication of Kumayl in the darkness of Thursday nights, with eyes filled with tears, heart pierced and a tone so divine. No one attended that session except those who were greatly impressed by the supplication of Kumayl combined with the effective tenor of the late Ayatollah.

Like other aspirants, I, too, was attracted to this great supplication through his warm tone; a supplication which has come from the heart of the Commander of the Believers in order to purify people’s souls and urge the sinners for repentance.

I managed to memorize this supplication three days after I had heard it for the first time. And then, I recited it on Thursday nights for my family members or friends.

Sometime after my coming to Qom Seminary for studying theology, I began preaching, by Allah’s Mercy. I felt it necessary to recite Kumayl supplication in my Thursday night sessions which after some time got very popular throughout Iran as well as abroad and people attended them eagerly. Some people obtained spiritual benefits from the sessions too. On the auspicious night of Imam ‘Ali’s (as) birthday, Hujjat Al-Islam Rahimian prompted me to write a commentary on the supplication, so that people could engage in it more profoundly and take part in the Kumayl sessions with more insight.

I finally managed to write a commentary on the holy Kumayl supplication and now it is up to the readers to benefit from it.

Finally I should appreciate the assistance of my friends in the research section of Dar Al-‘Irfan Publications, who have edited and prepared the work for being published.

Husayn Ansariyan