Commentary of: “Wa bi Sultanika’alladhi ‘ala kulla shay”

وَبِسُلْطَانِكَ الَّذِى عَلاَ كُلَّ شَيٍْء

(I ask You) by Your Power, which towers over all things.

In the preceding pages, you read about some limited instances of the great world. Allah’s inevitable Rule is over the world and its inhabitants. He dominates all things, and all creatures are doomed to His Powerful Reign.

Anyone who has a rightful and deserving regime in this world, it is but as a gift from Allah. Once He wills, He can take the power from one servant and grant it to another.

The rulers should consider their power as a ray of Allah’s Dominance and Rule and should not rule unfairly and unlawfully, for if they do so, they will be oppressors. As it is stated in Qur’anic verses and is proved throughout history, Allah’s revenge, which controls all things, would seize them. They cannot resist Allah’s Will, and will remain in doomed chastisement humbly and contemptibly.

It is Allah’s Rule that ordered the water descending from the sky and springing from the earth to become into storm and eliminate the disbelievers in Noah’s age. It was His Rule that sent the winds to eradicate the powerful ‘Ad tribe, just as dry grass is removed from the earth, and brought their life to an end in just a moment. It was His Rule that ordered the River Nile to send a wave and obliterate the oppressive Pharaoh and his people.