Commentary of: “Wa khadha’a laha kulla shay..”

وَخَضَعَ لَهَا كُلُّ شَيٍْء وَذَلَّ لَها كُلُّ شَيْءٍ

(I ask You) by Your Strength, toward which everything is humble and before which all things are lowly.

Everything in this world, from the hidden to the visible beings, from the largest to the smallest creatures, from the most extensive galaxies, stars, and planets to the tiniest atoms that are not observable with scientific tools, are inferior before Allah. Everything is controlled by His rule and has surrendered to His wise authority, ready to be obedient to Him. All the creatures are unexceptionally submitted to Allah’s immeasurable Strength.

A phrase from a supplication stated by an infallible Imam’s conscious heart and mind reads: “Surely You are; You are the God to Whose Strength everything is capitulated and humble. You are able to do anything to Your creatures and dominate any of them. You are the One Who created all the things and have control over them. You are the Master of all things. There is no God except You. You are the Generous and the Mighty.”

Granting the exigency of a humble and weeping servant on a Thursday night is very easy for the One Who has dominated everything with His infinite Power, and to Whose Strength everything is submissive. And it is absolutely effortless for Him to manipulate His various agents in the heavens and the earth to grant His servant’s worldly and heavenly demands.

Is it possible that a heartbroken, who calls Allah by His Mercy and Strength and who knows nothing above Him, remain unfortunate? Never! It is not strange for worldly incapable beings to be incompetent in fulfilling others’ demands. However Allah’s All-Sufficient existence, and His infinite Mercy and Strength obliges the fulfillment of the supplications in accord with the servant’s expediency and His own Wisdom.

We read in the thirteenth supplication of the “Sahifa Sajjadiya”1: “You have attributed Your creatures to poverty and they entirely need You. Therefore one, who asks You to compensate the shortcomings of his life and alter his poverty to richness, has indeed turned to the precise Position and the right One to obtain his need. And one, who asks his exigency from one of Your creatures, has certainly deprived himself and does not deserve Your favor.

I eagerly follow the path toward You and I only hope and believe in You. I know that what I ask You is easy before Your Strength, however difficult it may be to me. And I realize that what I need is so trivial for You, however significant it may be for me. Your Generosity does not become narrow by anyone’s exigency and it is Your Bounty, which is above all other generosities.”

The world and its beings that were nothing and did not even deserve a reference, became beings by Allah’s Will. And they continue existence under His Mercy and Strength. They are not independent of Allah; they are basically poor, pitiable and humble before Him.

A human being is not worthy of exhibiting power and pride before Allah’s Strength, since his body is as trivial as a handful of soil, his soul is but a moment of existence, and his mind is incapable of knowing even a tiny atom. A human cannot seperate himself before Allah Whose Mercy has surrounded all his life; otherwise it causes him loss and deprivation from Allah’s Mercy and is thus, doomed punishment.

  • 1. A book of supplications by the fifth Imam, Imam Sajjad a.s.