Note from Translator

All Praise is to Allah, Lord of the worlds, Who destined me to translate this sacred du’a’ into English. Kumayl’s Supplication is one of the most glorious Islamic du’a’s which is resorted to, by the believers, for the forgiveness of sins, increase in sustenance, and protection against enemies. It contains numerous rich meanings and heavenly themes that requires to be explained in order to be understood thoroughly.

I sincerely dedicate this miniscule attempt of introducing Islamic teachings throughout the world to the holy presence of Prophet Muhammad (S), peace be upon him and his pure progeny, who endured numerous hardships for the growth of Islam.

The challenges of translating texts in general and the demanding translation of Islamic works in particular are quite obvious. It requires a deep native-like knowledge of the English language combined with a moderate understanding of Islamic themes. I hope my effort in trying to convey the message has not been in vain. Thus, I greatly need the sincere comments from the readers, both natives and non-natives of English, on the quality of the work.

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Hamideh Elahinia