In the Name of Allah, the Merciful the Compassionate

The famous supplication of Salawat Sha’baniyyah is one of the most beautiful and valuable prayers which has been gifted to us by the mercy of the Almighty Allah (SWT) in the holy month of Sha’ban and was taught by Imam Zainul ‘Abideen (AS).

In this paper, we will attempt to analyze this supplication word by word in a rudimentary fashion and reflect together upon its deeper meaning so that we can better appreciate this prayer and recite it with cognition. This supplication is composed of nearly 100 words which we divided into 19 phrases.

We chose to study this supplication since this is one of the unique prayers which presents multitude of ideas and condenses them in a few words. Each word and phrase speaks volumes of knowledge which may be dissected thoroughly, however for the sake of brevity, we aim to simply touch the water of vast knowledge so that perhaps some light may be shed on the apparent and hidden meanings of this supplication based on the Holy Qur’an and authentic narrations by the purified Ahlul Bayt (AS) as well as the interpretation of esteemed scholars and exegetists.

Our limited ability aside, it is our hope that we may encounter some treasures in this short journey and walk away with valuable fruits to digest in our spiritual systems and enrich our minds and souls.

This supplication is commonly known as Salawat Sha’baniyyah since it begins by repeatedly sending benedictions (Salawat) on the Holy Prophet (SA) and his purified Ahlul Bayt (AS). The main theme of this supplication revolves around the virtues of Ahlul Bayt (SWT) as this is the month which Allah (SWT) dedicated to the Holy Prophet (SA).

It is also sometimes referred to as Dua Shajarat Al Nubuwwah (Supplication of the Tree of Prophethood) since the supplication commences with these profound words. It is reported through authentic sources that Imam Zainul ‘Abideen (AS) used to recite this supplication every day in Sha`ban at the time sun passes the merdian (Waqt az-Zawal) and on the night of 15th Sha’ban.

The words of this discourse with Allah (SWT) serves more as a lesson for us which provides insight than just mere request for personal needs for the mundane world. It is a crash course designed to walk us quickly through the garden of Wilayah and help us recognize the essence and goal of our existence. All praise be to Allah (SWT) who guided us to this piece of gold and inspired us to delve in the deep waters of this supplication hoping by His help and guidance to discover something beneficial and worthwhile for this life and the hereafter.