The Sermon at a Glance

As it has been mentioned in the discussion concerning the transmission of this sermon (as seen below), Imam ‘Ali (a.s.) delivered this sermon after The Battle of the Camel (Al-Jamal) which took place in Baŝrah (Iraq) in the year 656 ce/35 ah and the subsequent defeat of the army of ‘A’ysha b. Abi Bakr.

In this sermon, he reproaches women, and of course the meaning of him ‘reproaching women’ are only those types of women who had launched (such calculated) attacks - those who were responsible for instigating The Battle of the Camel. Imam ‘Ali (a.s.) referred to such women as having a “deficiency” and it was because of this shortcoming that they engaged in such detrimental activities. Therefore, he reprimanded them and warned the believers to steer clear of their inductions.