In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.

In a time when the whole world is hell bent on hindering the spreading light of Islam and is trying different types of schemes to suppress this voice and every possible scheme is being carried out. Especially hectic efforts are made to create doubts among the Muslims regarding their faith and dissent is being sowed among them to foster disunity so that they remain involved in such controversies and get no opportunity to propagate Islam. It is the same method that was resorted to during the apparent caliphate of Ali (as) and so many external issues were raised that there was no limit to it. When all those plans failed, Imam Ali (as) was martyred.

Today, the world is moving fast in the direction of Islam like those dying of thirst rush towards water. At such time it is necessary to rise above internal differences and present the true picture of Islam before others and demonstrate such unity and accord like the Holy Quran, the traditions of the Messenger of Allah (S) and the Holy Imams advise.

Everyone knows that imperialist and Zionist powers never want to see the Muslims unite. If they had even a little soft corner for the Muslims, they would not have allowed the enemies of Muslims to bomb the Muslims anywhere they like.

There had never been greater need for unity among the Muslims. It is an established fact that when Islam is attacked, the attacker does not discriminate between different sects, rather he attacks all the Muslims. In such circumstances, when Islam is being attacked from all directions, sometimes the Islamic laws are made butts of ridicule, at other times its principles are mocked at, it is also sometimes publicized that it is an insufficient system, it is labeled to be materialistic and also called as the legacy of the period of ignorance.

Under such circumstances, the need of the hour is to unite together according to the command of the Holy Quran and secure the well being of the society by countering the enemies with irrefutable proofs. Today the enemies of Islam are not inimical to a particular personality or a particular sect. They are enemies of Islam and they intend to eradicate Islam. At present whatever distinction we have is due to Islam alone. Whatever dignity and position we have among the people is only for the sake of Islam. People accord respect to us solely for the fact that we teach them about Allah and the Prophet. This status has made us honorable in the eyes of people. Therefore if we do anything that renders Islam blameworthy and emboldens the enemies, we can be sure that every kind of such action and behavior is detrimental to ourselves.

After the Islamic revolution of Iran an atmosphere of unity and integration has been created among the Muslims and the two great sects of Islam have begun to come near each other. The atmosphere of distrust, that the imperialist powers had created, is considerably reduced. The commands of Quran are:

And hold fast by the covenant of Allah all together and be not disunited…1

And be not like those who became divided and disagreed…2

The verse between the above two verses is as follows:

And from among you there should be a party who invite to good and enjoin what is right and forbid the wrong, and these it is that shall be successful.3

There is command of unity and agreement before this verse, and after it, prohibition of controversies and disunity; and consensus. That is in the Holy Quran the style of propagation is consensual and harmonious and not based on disunity and dissension.

It is a fact that what the Zionists and the imperialists fear most is the unity of Muslims, and they should really fear it. However, those who claim to be the sons of Quran and the sons of Monotheism should be pleased with the unity of Muslims.

But it is a tragedy that even the world-renowned and award-winning Mullahs are not happy with this atmosphere of unity. They do not, at all, like this unity, no one knows why. While they should be more pleased with this atmosphere on whose lips the verses of Quran remain all the time. If those who have received this style in legacy had raised their voices against this unity, it would not have been surprising.

But today even those who used to assume silence in controversial matters are screaming at the top of their voices. Is it because they are connected to the imperialist and Zionist powers? Is it because they had been favored by the enemies of Islam and now they want their pound of flesh? It seems to be so. That the words in their mouths are not theirs and the ink in their pens is not theirs. It is the voice of imperialism in their mouths and the ink of imperialism in their pens. It is a matter of great pity that these people, even in their last moments, instead of repenting and seeking forgiveness are fulfilling the wishes of imperialism and remain puppets in the hands of Zionists.

Objections against the Shias are nothing new. In every age there were people who by raising objections had consoled their egos. But at a time when people are coming near to each other and arranging rows against the enemies of Islam, it is not a good thing and a rewarding deed to do anything that creates dissension in the ranks.

The objections showered on Shia beliefs do not contain anything new. The age-old objections are again recycled and repeated. These objections have been replied in all the ages. Justice requires that after making allegations one should also read the replies. And if there is any deficiency or weakness in the reply, it should be highlighted. But it seems that the objection makers, after making objections close their eyes and no more sight remains in their eyes to read the replies. When again their eyes open up they again pick up the pen and start writing. And when they become tired they close their eyes to sleep and when again they wake up they start writing in a state of stupor.

Approximately thirty years ago, Maulana Sayyid Mahmood Ahmad Rizvi had mentioned such objections under the article, “The thorn and the flower” in “The chief of the Martyrs” (Sayyidush Shohada, Imam Husain) special issue of the periodical, ‘Rizwan’ (Lahore). He wrote whatever came to his mind. When the readers see those objections they will find them to be stock objections and age-old allegations.

We would not have replied to these objections if it had not been further alleged that the Shias are unable to reply them.

The replies are presented here by way of “Completion of Argument”. We hope that the justice-liking people would rise above bigotry and read the objections and their replies and then form a correct opinion.

May Allah bestow us with the best of Tawfeeqs and may He always keep our hearts illuminated with the love of His best and selected servants.


And there is no divine opportunity except from Allah and upon Him I rely and in Him I trust.

Executive Committee

Idarah Nurul Islam, Faizabad

Muharram al-Haraam 1406 AH