Author’s Biography

Jameel Kermalli is a graduate of the University of Southampton, U.K., with a Bachelors of Science (Hons.) degree in Psychology, majoring in Health Psychology. He is also a Board Certified Psychotherapist and a Board Certified Biofeedback Practitioner, specializing in EEG Biofeedback. His Doctorate is in Naturopathic Medicine and his areas of specialty include Homeopathic, Nutritional and Herbal Medicines. Jameel is also a Board Certified Nutritional Consultant.

He graduated on top of his class from al-Hussaini Madressa in Dar es Salaam and is a teacher in Islamic studies.

He has his own private practice in Long Island, New York.

Jameel is also part of the team that has developed The Hajj Board Game, the first of its kind, due for release very soon. The Hajj Board Game, resembling monopoly, summarizes The Pilgrimage to The House of Allah, combining education, relaxation and mystery. The Game is suitable for adults and youths, those going to Hajj, those having gone to Hajj and those who have not yet been blessed to undertake this sacred journey. It comes complete with 2 dices with 1 spot, 2 spots and blank, a timer; 4 playing items, 90 A cards, 90 B cards, 90 C cards, 90 D cards, 90 multiple choice cards, and 90 pick up and beware cards.

Jameel is also the author of a highly researched book, The Truth About Islam - A Contemporary Approach Towards Understanding Islamic beliefs and Practices, which is under preparation. This book is a scientific work relating to the Concept of Energy in The Universe, its Intelligence, and how Islamic beliefs and practices accord totally with known scientific and modern discoveries.