al-Khomeini’s comments on the finality of Prayer fits best the conclusion of this short book on Prayer. We anticipate the readers to read and study this book to reap the benefits, and we hope the exercises and the 30-day workout has been useful.

As you utter the takbir (ALLAHU AKBAR), regard small all creatures in relation to the greatness of Allah (SWT). Examine your heart during the Prayer. If you tasted the sweetness of the Prayer, and if in your soul you felt pleased by it, and your heart enjoyed the supplication to Allah (SWT) and conversing with Him, stow that Allah (SWT) has approved your takbirs. Otherwise, without feeling pleasure in supplication, and being deprived of tasting the sweetness of worship, you should know that Allah (SWT) has denied you and dismissed you from His Threshold.’1

My God, grant me the utmost absorption in You and illuminate the vision of our hearts with the light of Your Vision, until the sight of the hearts can penetrate the curtains of light and reach the source of Greatness and until our spirits get anchored to the threshold of Your Sanctity.2
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  • 2. Munajat-e Sha'baniyyah – Mafatih al-Jinaan.