This book discusses the importance of The Five Daily Prayer and it’s status with Allah (SWT). The work also discusses strategies you can employ to develop and maintain a high level of attention and concentration whilst communicating with Allah (SWT), Who demands that His servants be most attentive in their Prayer, more than any other worship. He, The Creator and Designer of The Universe, remarks to that individual, who says his Prayer with least attention, alertness of mind and concentration:

O’ Liar! Do you want to deceive Me? I swear by My Splendor and Majesty that I will deprive you the pleasure of your invocations and enjoyment of personal communications with Me.
(Hadith al-Qudsi)

Jameel Kermalli has done painstaking research and has shared his findings with us in a lucid, readable manner.

Muhsin Alidina

Important Note

The 30-Day Workout is a complete exercise to develop attention and concentration in Prayer. For those individuals requiring assistance, you may contact the author personally at

Anyone who completes the 30-Day Workout with all the forms filled out, the author will appreciate if the results and outcomes are sent to him and they can be analyzed. The outcomes of this workout will be published, Insha Allah, in an Islamic Journal.