Al-Jahr and Al-Ikhfat in Prayers

Al-Jahr and Al-Ikhfat1 in prayers

Al-Jahr is to recite in an audible voice. Al-Ikhfat is to recite softly in an inaudible voice. As a Muslim student, you have known that to recite Sutratul­Fatihah in the Salat is Wajib as well as to recite another Surah, too, such as Suratut-Tawhid, in the first and second Rak’ahs. Men are to recite these Surahs, in some Salats audibly and in some others inaudibly (softly), as detailed below:

1. In the Salats of Subh, Maghrib and Isha it is Wajib on the men to recite the Surahs, in the first and second Rak’ahs, audibly. As for women, they have the option to either recite inaudibly or audibly provided they are not heard by men. If men are able to hear their voice, they must recite inaudibly.

2. The recitation in Salatuz-Zuhr and Salatul-Asr is to be inaudible by both men and women.

3. The recitation of Al-Fatihah" or the "Dhikr" in the third and fourth Rak’ahs of all the four Salats; Az-Zuhr, Al-Asr, Al-Maghrib, and Al-Isha is to be inaudible.

4. If he recites audibly; where he has to recite inaudibly (softly), or he recites inaudibly where he should recite audibly, on purpose, his Salat will be invalid.

5. If the Musalli recites audibly, where he should recite inaudibly, or he recites inaudibly, where he should recite audibly, because of forgetfulness, or ignorance of the Shar'i (religious) verdict, his Salat would be correct. But the Musalli who is ignorant of the Shar'i verdict, and is advertent but purposely neglecting to inquire about it, repeat his Salat as a precautionary act.


Q1. What is Al-Jahr?

Q2. Mark the correct statement with the sign √ and the incorrect with X.
a. Audibility is Wajib for the men in Salatuz-Zuhr.

b. Audibility is Wajib for the women in Salatul-Maghrib.

c. Inaudibility is Wajib for the men and women in Salatul-Asr.

d. The men are to be audible in the Salats of Isha and Subh.

  • 1. Concerning Al-Jahr and Al-Ikhfat, the opinion said in the book is agreed upon by the Shafi’is and the Shi’ah. The Hanafis say that the Musalli has the option to recite either audibly or inaudibly. The Hanbalis say that it is Mustahabb to recite audibly in the first and second Rak'ahs of the Subh, Maghrib and Isha. The author of “Rahmatul-Ummah” states: “They [the different sects] agree that it is Sunnah [optional] to recite parts of the Salat audibly or inaudibly where permissible.