The Daily Salats [Prayers]

Allah, the Exalted, has enjoined upon us that we should perform the Salat five times a day as follows:

1. Salatus-Subh, consisting of 2 Rak’ahs.

2. Salatuz-Zuhr, consisting of 4 Rak’ahs.

3. Salatul-Asr, consisting of 4 Rak’ahs.

4. Salatul-Maghrib, consisting of 3 Rak’ahs.

5. Salatul-Isha, consisting of 4 Rak’ahs.

Some Conditions of the Validity of the Salat

The Salat which we perform must meet certain conditions in order to be correct and acceptable. These conditions are:

1. The body and the clothes of the Musalli must be ritually pure and cleansed from any Najasah.

2. Making the Taharah from the Hadath before performing the Salat, as it would not be valid without Taharah. So, we have to perform the Wudu to attain the Taharah from Al-Hadathul-Asghar, or we have to perform the Ghusl to attain the Taharah from Al-Hadathul-Akbar, such as the Hayd or the Janabah, if needed.

3. The ground on which we place our forehead for the Sujud must be Tahir1. So, in order chat our Salat be correct, we must prostrate on a Tahir place, such as a Tahir ground, a Tahir mat made of straw, and the like.

4. The spot on which we perform the Salat must he Mubah (permissible), as to perform it on a usurped land makes it Batil.2

5. We know that stealing and usurping the properties of the people is Haram, according to the Islamic teachings. So, if somebody has usurped or stolen a dress, or if he has usurped some money or stolen it and bought with it a dress, his Salat, in that dress, would be incorrect and Batil.3

6. The Qiblah. In a correct Salat we must stand facing Al-Baytul Haram, the Qiblah [in Mecca]. All Salats are to be performed, while facing the Qiblah:

7. Covering the private parts.

8. The men are not allowed to wear a natural silk4 dress during the Salat, nor are they allowed to wear anything made of gold. As to the women, they are allowed to wear both natural silk and gold jewellery.

A Woman's Dress in the Salat

The dress of a woman in the Salat must cover her body, head, hair and neck, with the exception of her face, hands and feet.5


Q1. How many Rak’ahs are Salatus-Subh and Salatul-Asr?

Q2. If a woman performed her Salat bare-headed, would her Salat be correct or Batil?

Q3. Fill in the blank: In all our Salats we must stand facing the….

Q4. Count briefly, the conditions for the correct Salat.

  • 1. The four sects say that the place for the Salat must be Tahir from the Najasah. The Shafi'is, say that everything which touches the body or the dress of the Musalli must be Tahir. The Hanafis say that only the places of the feet and the forehead must be Tahir.
  • 2. The four sects say that the Salat on a usurped place is correct but the Musalli would be committing a sin.
  • 3. The four sects say that the Salat would be correct.
  • 4. The Shafi'is say that if the Musalli wore a pure silk dress or performed the Salat on it, his Salat would be correct, but he would be committing a sin.
  • 5. The Hanafis say: A woman has to cover the outer part of her hands and the sole of her feet. The Shafi’is and the Malikis say, a woman is allowed to uncover her face, her hands and feet during her Salat. The Hanbalis say: She is allowed only to uncover her face.