Directives to the Brother Teachers of the Subject “Islamic Education”

The brother teachers of the subject "Islamic Education" know that the subject of the "Islamic Fiqh" (jurisprudence) explains to the Muslim a way of action, and tells him about his commitments, and responsibilities. The things he is allowed to do and the things he is not allowed to do, in a defined legal manner. Consequently, teaching this subject requires actual practice, along with precise instructions.

The following are to be taught to the students through actual demonstration. Such as; As-Salat [Islamic prayer], the rituals of the Hajj [pilgrimage to Mecca], the Wudu (ritual ablution), the Ghusl [ritual washing of the whole body], Sajdatus-Sahw [compensatory prostration] Then the students are to be asked, to perform them accurately and completely. It is preferred, however, to teach these rituals during their relevant seasons.

That is, the precepts of As-Sawm [Fasting], Zakatul Fitrah (due-alms given on Eidul-Fitr) in the month of Ramadan, and Salatul-Eid. Also as the month of Dhul-Hijjah nears, the rituals of the Hajj should be taught. This would help the students in understanding the subject better, and to practice it correctly and effectively.

Brother teachers ought to be very strict in respect of the students' observance of and adherence to performing their own Islamic duties, especially the performance of the Salat in the school, and following it up with them. They are requested not to ask the students to memorize the comparative precepts stated in the footnotes, as it would perplex them and complicate the subject-matter for them. These footnotes were added for their benefit only, should they want to know more about the subject-matter.

The respected brother teachers are also requested to express their remarks, which can be used to make this educational course a scientific and suitable subject, capable of giving our dear children an Islamic education, as well as preparing an educated generation who acts according to Islam as a Shari’ah, a system, and a way of life.

May Allah, the Most High, help us all to acquire knowledge and act accordingly, He is Hearing and Responsive.

The Author