Sajdatas-Sahw [Two Sajdahs of Sahw]

1. If the Musalli talked during his Salat, or performed the Taslim not in its proper place, or performed four or five Rak’ahs, because of his forgetfulness, his Salat would be valid, and he would have to perform two Sajdahs of Sahw after finishing his Salat.

2. If the Musalli did only one Sajdah and forgot to do the second one, or he forgot to do the Tashahhud, and he remembered this only when there was no place for doing it, he should continue his Salat, as it is correct, but he must perform the lapsed part, after finishing his Salat, and then he has to perform the two Sajdahs of Sahw.

How to perform Sajdatas-Sahw:1

1. For the Sahw [forgetting] there are two Sajdahs to be performed immediately after finishing the Salat.

2. The Niyyah for these Sajdahs is Wajib, but there is no need for Takbiratul-Ihram.

3. In the Sujud we say: "Bismi-Llahi Wa Bi-Llah. As-Salamu Alayka Ayyuhan-Nabiyyu Wa Ramatu-Lahi Wa Barakatuh."

4. After the two Sajdahs we recite the Tashahhud.

5. After the Tashahhud we recite the Taslim.


Q1. Mark the correct statement with the sign √ and the incorrect with X.
a. The Salat would not be Batil if one intentionally recited Suratul­Hamd twice.

b. Whoever forgot the Tashahhud, must recite it after finishing the Salat, then he must do the Sajdahs of Sahw.

Q2. Explain briefly how to perform Sajdatus-Sahw.

Q3. Must we face the Qiblah in performing the two Sajdahs of Sahw?

  • 1. The Hanafis say: "The form of Sajdatus-Sahw is to prostrate twice, do the Tashahhud then the Taslim, then to send blessings on the Prophet (s) and to invoke Allah. It is to be done after the Taslim [of the Salat], if there was time to do it. But if the time of the Salat passed by and he did not do it, he would be exempted from such Sujud. The Malikis say: "The form of Sajdatus-Sahw is: Two Sajdahs, then a Tashahudd, without invoking Allah or sending blessings on the Prophet (s). But if it was only for a decrease, or for both a decrease and an increase, it is to he done before the Taslim. If it is for only an increase it must be done after the Taslim. The Hanbalis say: It is allowed to do the Sujud of Sahw before and after the Taslim. The Shafi'is say: "Sujudus-Sahw is to be done after the Tashahhud, before the Taslim."