Salatul-Qada [The Lapsed Due Salat]

1. Allah, the exalted, ordered us to perform the Salats at their assigned times. We are not allowed to be careless about the Salat nor to neglect it. But sometimes it happens that a Muslim Mukallaf might be taken over by sleep and would not wake up until after the assigned time for the Salat. Or he might forget performing his Salat for one reason or another, and would remember it only after the lapse of its time. In such cases he must to perform Salatul-Qada, that is, the lapsed Salat, in lieu of the original one.

2. If a Muslim, by ignorance, neglected to perform his Wajib Salat i.e. did not know that it is Wajib, it would be incumbent on him to perform Salatul-Qada.

3. If a Muslim, deliberately, neglected to perform his Wajib Salats, he must repent to Allah, ask His forgiveness and perform all the lapsed (missed) Salats which he deliberately neglected.

4. Women are not required to perform the lapsed (due-) Salats which they did not perform during their Hayd [monthly periods] or during Nifas [after childbirth].

5. The insane and the one who is in a swoon (a fainting spell)1 are not required to perform the Qada Salats, if the insanity and the fainting continued during the whole period of the Salat.

6. If an original Kafir, such as an idolater or a Kitabi, adopted Islam, he is not required to perform the Wajib Salats and Sawm which he did not perform before adopting Islam.


Q1. Count three cases in which a Mukallaf would have to perform what had lapsed of his Salats.

Q2. Answer with "Yes" or "No":
a. An insane does not have to perform Salatul-Qada.

b. Women are not to perform what had lapsed of their Salats during their Hayd and Nifas.

c. An original Kafir must perform the Salats which he did not perform during the period of his disbelief.

  • 1. The Hanalis say that the Salats of the fainted and the insane are dropped in case the moods continued for more than five Salats. But if they continued for only five Salats or less, they must do the Qada Salats. The Malikis say: “The insane and those who have fainted are to do the Qada.” The Hanbalis say: "Those who have fainted have to do the Qada, other than the insane.