Preface of the First Edition

This is the 8th Unit of the Islamic Correspondence Course, and gives the details of Islamic belief about Qiyamat and other related subjects.
It is hoped that this book will give enlightenment to our brothers and sisters; and will help them in appreciating and following the tenets of Islam more faithfully.
I dedicate the Thawab (Reward) of writing this book to my father, Maulana Hakim Sayyid Abul-Hasan, who left this world for the eternal life . on 21st December, 1974. If I have achieved anything, it is because of his loving but firm guidance, teaching and inspiration. He guided me as what to study and how, and moulded my way of thinking.
Imam Zainul-Abedeen (A) has taught us to realize that the father, “is your root and you are his branch; and that but for him you were nonexistent. Therefore, whenever you find in yourself anything likeable, remember that your father is the basic means of that gift (of Allah to you). And be thankful to Allah and grateful to your father accordingly.”
May Allah give him highest place near the 14 Masumeen (AS). Amen!
I am thankful to Mr. Mohsin M.R. Alidina, Dar-es-Salaam. for reading the book and making useful suggestions.
Sayyid Sa'eed Akhtar Rizvi
10th  February, 1975

 Preface of this revised 4th  Edition

This book, by Grace of Allah, Subhanahu wa Ta'ala, proved so popular that it was translated into Urdu soon after its first edition came out in 1975. The English original was later reprinted in Toronto (Canada).
Now I have revised it making additions here and there and giving the necessary references in Footnotes. It is hoped that this edition will prove even more popular than the previous one.
Sayyid Sa'eed Akhtar Rizvi
28th May 1994