Answer Any Five Questions:
    5. Does the theory of transmigration of soul satisfy the demands of Justice?

    6. Write in short the difference between the death of a believer and that of an unbeliever.  

    7. Describe in short the questioning in grave.

    8. Describe in how many groups people are divided in 'Barzakh'.

    9. Write, in not more than 20 lines, some of the general Signs of the approach of the Day of Judgement

    10. Describe in short about the Re-appearance of Imam Mahdi (A).

    11. What do you understand by'Mizan'? Explain.

    12. A believer in the Unity of Allah will not pass from the 'Siraat' if he did not follow Hadhrat Ali (A). Explain the reason.

    13. What is the meaning of 'Shafe'at'? Should we go on committing sins in the hope that 14 Masoomeen (A) will ultimately intercede on our behalf? Give reason for your answer.

    14. Are Paradise and Hell already-created? What, according to your thinking, will be the highest Bliss of Paradise?