Author’s Note

When the first edition of this book was published in August of 1999, I received many words of encouragement and inspiration from kind friends within the community. In recent years, the need for approachable Islamic publications has been recognized in order to clarify the misconceptions surrounding Islam.

Remarkably, within two years, three thousand copies of the first edition of this book have been distributed. Thus, the thought of reissuing the book surfaced. Yet, as a man begins to age, his approach to ideas and conceptions evolve. I felt the book warranted a review and revision. With God's grace, this text reflects that intention.

The writing and publishing of this book would not have been achieved without God, the Almighty and with the assistance of many dedicated people within our community. Special thanks go to Sister Fatma Saleh for her tremendous work in assisting with the second edition. A deep appreciation and prayer goes to the Sajjad Foundation and its Trustees for making this book available to readers. May God bless the aforementioned names and all of the faithful people who spread the light of Islam.
Sayed Moustafa Al-Qazwini
Orange County, California
July 13, 2001


It is customary in Islam that when the name of Allah, the Prophet Muhammad, prophets, or imams (descendants and successors of the Prophet Muhammad) is enunciated, the following phrases are mentioned:

Allah—“Glorified and Exalted”(Sabhanna wa-tallah). Written abbreviation—SWT.

Prophet Muhammad—“Peace be upon him and his family.” Written abbreviation— pbuh&hf.

After the names of prophets, imams from the family of Prophet Muhammad and his daughter:
“Peace be upon him/her.” Written abbreviation—pbuh.

With great respect, admiration, recognition, and praise, I have omitted the mentioned phrases for the sake of continuity.