As of June, 1999, I will have lived in The United States for five years. During this time, I have met many intellectual individuals who have inspired me to introduce the beautiful religion of Islam to the public through speeches, writings, and articles. I also have had the honor of spending almost three years with our future generation, the Muslim youth, in Southern California and other parts of the United States.

The more time I spent discussing and debating aspects of Islam with the youths, the more I was convinced of the necessity to put the basic ideas of Islam on paper and introduce Islam to the ever-increasing number of people who seek to discover God's final revelation to humankind. Through my work as a scholar and as a preacher of Islam in the West, I realized that the Islamic centers and institutions have been inadequate and inefficient in the field of dawah (the invitation to Islam).

Although many valuable works have been generated in this area, Islamic literature is still too sparse and insufficient in addressing the simplicity of Islam—the belief in one God to non-Muslims. Therefore, I decided to contribute, according to my ability, to do my share in spreading the word of God, a duty incumbent upon all Muslims. I hope God will accept my humble effort.

I would like to thank Sister Amina Inloes for her help with editing this work.

May God continuously guide me and all the sincere brothers and sisters to His righteousness and piety.
Sayed Moustafa Al-Qazwini
Orange County, California
May 6, 1999