The school of supplication (du'a) is a huge divine door open to the believers. It has absorbed divine attention towards this world and has awakened the ignorant and busy man from getting involved in the wrong entertainments, pastimes and diversion. It has, as well, informed him of his genuine needs.

The most significant Islamic scientific resources are reserved in this sublime treasure and have been handed down to us. Thus centuries should pass before a genius is found to open up this valuable reserve and to reveal the mysteries hidden there.

Of course, during the long history of man, this untold secret has always been hidden in the hearts of the men of piety and knowledge and the present wits have not been well-equipped to solve them. Thus, that precious jewel has always remained intact in the hearts of men of God.

We hope we shall never be deprived of this great asset in the years to come. We also hope that the elite and scholars could take advantage of this immense divine knowledge in their lectures and discussions. We hope as well that this group of thinkers could reveal to people the brightness of this divine revelation in such a way so as to release this nation from the false holders of this sea of knowledge, those who unlawfully connect themselves with divine knowledge.

At the end, during the present century, a salvaged man who has more than the others been involved in the publication of these divine facts and in the education of this government, is Sayyid Muhammad Husayn Tabataba'i, the head of all masters in the field of research, a well-educated son in the school of Ahlul Bayt1 (s) and the translator of the Holy Qur'an. The present article is a humble acknowledgement of this endless ocean of knowledge. I hope that His mercy will include this humble servant of His.

  • 1. Ahlul Bayt: the Prophet’s progeny (s).