Imam Khomeini's Message to the Cultural Revolution Headquarters

The text of Imam Khomeini’s decree addressed to the seven previously-noted gentlemen is as follows:
In the Name of God the Compassionate, the Merciful

Some time has passed since the necessity for an educational revolution of an Islamic character has been declared, and yet no effective step has been taken so far. The Muslim nation, especially committed students with a good faith are anxiously waiting for it and are worried about the harm which may be caused by plotters the evidence of which can be witnessed from time to time. The Muslim nation, which is devoted to Islam, fears that, God forbid, the opportunity may be lost and no positive step be taken.

It also is apprehensive that the system of education may remain what it was during the whole period of the domination of the corrupt regime when cultureless taskmasters had put this important centre at the service of colonizers as is evidenced by the products of a few individuals loyal and faithful to Islam contrary to the universities' expectations, the rest offered nothing but loss and damage to our country.

The continuation of this disaster, which unfortunately is the aspiration of some groups attached to foreign powers, will mean a deadly blow against the Islamic Revolution and the Republic. Any negligence in this vital matter is tantamount to a great treason against Islam and Pan-Islamic country.

Therefore, the following honourable gentlemen, namely Muhammad Javad Bahonar, Mehdi Rabbani Amlashi, Hassan Habibi, Abdol-Karim Soroush, Shams Al-Ahmad, Jalal-eddin Farsi and Ali Shariatmadari are hereby entrusted with the task of forming a headquarters consisting of pious and clear-sighted persons from among Muslim professors, loyal per­sonnel and religious students and other groups, who are true believers in the Islamic Republic, to take the necessary steps for planning various branches and designing the future educational policy of the universities on the basis of Islamic culture, and for training worthy, loyal and well­ informed professors, as well as other matters related to the Islamic cultural revolution.

Naturally on the basis of the above points, all the secondary schools and other educational institutions which, under the old regime, were administered by a deviated and colonising system, must be carefully examined so that my dear children may be protected against all damage and diversion.

I pray God Almighty for the success of these gentlemen in this important matter and beg for the greatness of Islam and Islamic countries.

Greetings to you
Ruhollah Al-Mousawi Al-Khomeini
29 Raj ab 1400 (of Hejria) / 12 June, 1980