Imam Khomeini's Message to the Members of the Cultural Revolution Headquarters

The Text of Imam Khomeini's discourse at a meeting with the members of the Cultural Revolution Headquarters on 13th June 1981.

In the Name of God the Compassionate, the Merciful

Although I had no plans to make a speech today, yet as you gentlemen of the university have made statements about university problems and Cultural Revolution, I will, for my share, add a few words.

The most important spot on which the enemies of the oppressed Islamic countries, at the behest of opponents of humanity, have laid their fingers, is the university. This is because they know well that if the university were at their service, the whole country would be so. It is, in fact, the university which manages the country and educates the present and future generation. So if they can have it at their disposal for plunder, they will have control over the whole country.

The main target has been the university, and next to it the clergy.

They intended to bring the academicians into the field as pro-Eastern or pro-Western assets, and expel the clergy from the scene since they had no hope of controlling them. They had no desire of having universities and theological schools. All their efforts were focussed on giving the university a foreign-oriented education to be exploited later, and do away with the theological schools which they had not been able to penetrate for a thousand years.

How could this goal be attained One of their tasks was to make the academicians cynical towards the clergy and vice versa. They tried, for long, to create differences between the two groups, and make them hostile to each other. At the university, the name of clergy was received as an opiate, and the mention of academicians among theological students meant 'infidels'.

They separated the two groups and made them stand against each other, so that they could themselves benefit from this dissension. During the last fifty years, they did not allow the university to serve the interests of the country and train learned men for it.

We do not say that they were wholly successful, but they tried to be so in making all university graduates turn to East or West, so that in this way and by putting aside the clergy they could take the destiny of the country in their hands.

As they choose the university to attain their goal, this Revolution, too, laid its finger on the same spot. Those who were pro-Moscow and pro-America began their opposition from the very beginning. and started to accuse us that we were against science and specialisation and intended only to perform religious rites at the university.

They forgot that after the awakening of millions of Iranians, such charges would be of no avail. They know that when they are called reactionary, it means leaving them a free hand to throw themselves into the fold of the West or the Communist East, both of which call themselves progressive.

Strangely enough, they used the word "reactionary" for Muslims and those who love Islam and their country, and the word 'progressive' for those who dragged the country towards foreign powers.

The opposition began from the very first day and you see those who wanted the university to be re-opened before it was reformed, are the same people who supported the banner of the East and West.

Groups, pens and tongues started acting against the Revolution and against every step for reform. The same people who had corrupted the university, went against its reformation, fearing lest it be Islamised, cut short the hands of the East and West from the university and the country.

If you realise what groups opposed and still oppose us and insist on bringing back the old system at the university, you will discover their trick. We are fully aware of the designs of these people and we know them thoroughly.

Some of them turned the university into a bunker for fighting, and another group comprised those who were against Islam altogether and against Islamic education at the university.

They are against the cooperation between the university and Feyzieh School, for, such a cooperation means the Islamization of the university, and an end of the cynicism which had been created between these two centres.

They are still engaged in their acts and make use of the group who is against the reformation of the university, and those who have given themselves up to the East or West bloc.

Our youths should be aware of such designs and know that it is through the university that a nation may be reformed or destroyed.

If the East wins, it will annihilate not only Iran but also all Islamic countries, and if the West wins, it will take away all our culture and everything else from us, replace them by the Western brain and destroy us.

But fortunately our people are alert and know that it is through the university that a country may have its independence, on the condition that students and learned men join hands to make it Islamic, place it at the service of the nation, and cut short the hand of those who want to divert it.

It is wrong that a nation should work hard and pay for universities which produce graduates dependent on foreign powers. A mere re-opening of university is of no use. What did it do during those fifty years that it was open? It produced those who destroyed the nation.

We need the cooperation of the modern and old schools to achieve independence and to work for the country, and have Kaaba to turn to, not Moscow, Washington, or London. Their honour and dignity lie in Islam which gives worth to knowledge and learned men. ln Islam, knowledge has an exalted position, but not a kind of knowledge which leads to ruination.

All these years, they have tried to separate the university from the clergy, while the call of Islam is based on the union of all, especially these two groups, and this has been duly effected by the Islamic Revolution.

Hands are, however, still at work to realise the old plot of causing separation and differences. All your assets were destroyed during the last fifty years, particularly during the rule of Mohammad Reza, resulting in the hostility between the university and Feyzieh School, a fact which insured the interests or the superpowers.

Remember and be alert not to lose the union of these two centres of l earning, by which you may administer your country independently, and the evil of the East and West may be removed.

May God Almighty support Feyzieh School, the university and the whole nation.